A Thorough and Detailed Account of the Project Blue Beam Theory, Proposed by Journalist Serge Monast in the 90s

Before reading this post, I urge you to read The Definitive Guide To Project Blue Beam first, which can be found here. Once you’ve read that guide, you may want to read the following article for further context. What I personally believe regarding Serge Monast’s Project Blue Beam Theory.. I believe that Monast’s version of Project Blue […]

Project Blue Beam – A Thorough Breakdown of U2’s New Advert for their ‘Achtung Baby’ Gig Which Happens Later This Year

U2 released this video yesterday on 13th February 2023 which seems to possibly be predictive programming containing multiple subliminal messages preparing us for Project Blue Beam. It was conveniently shown during the Super Bowl and on the 3rd day of a string of UFO reports. The video in question can be seen here: First of […]

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