Contagion Was Released On 9th September 2011 (9/9/11) – The Film Is About A Virus Transmitted By Respiratory Droplets And Fomites (Like COVID) And The Tagline For The Film Was ‘NOTHING SPREADS LIKE FEAR’

Contagion was a film released on 9th Sep 2011. The date breakdown is eerily similar to the 9/11 breakdown which is 09/11, not only this, but the film is about a virus transmitted by respiratory droplets and fomites (like COVID) and the tagline for the film was ‘NOTHING SPREADS LIKE FEAR’ – also note how the images on the Contagion poster could all relate to events happening on 9/11. The weirdest of all, though, would be of Matt Damon, which could easily be interpreted as a man falling from the Twin Towers, reaching up as he falls to his demise…

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