David Rockefeller, The Crucifixion Of Jesus, And A Wristwatch…..

To understand the relevence of Herods death here, please read my previous post about the symbolic meaning behind the destruction of the Twin Towers and how their destruction relates to the destruction of the first and second temples in Jerusalem – Solomons temple and Herods temple.

The following text is taken from The University of Chicago website:

“Jesus himself would have to be born sometime the death of Herod. If in 5 BC (when a comet was visible), he would have been about thirty-three years old when he began to teach—which accords with Luke, who may have mentioned “thirty years” because that is the age at which one first could “do the work in the tabernacle of the congregation” (Numbers 4:3, 23, 30).

Proponents of AD 30 as the year of Jesus’ death calculate that he was born the year that Herod died, was thirty years of age when baptized, and taught for three years. Adding thirty-three years to 4 BC (and subtracting a year to allow for the fact there is no AD 0) yields the desired date. But this chronology ignores that Jesus’ baptism also was “in the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar” (Luke 3:1)—which requires an assumption that Tiberius had begun to rule in AD 12, when he was awarded imperium to “govern the provinces jointly with Augustus” (Suetonius, Life of Tiberius, XXI.1; Velleius Paterculus, The Roman History, II.121.1-2). By this reckoning, Jesus would have begun his public ministry in AD 27, dying three years later.

There is no evidence, however, neither historical nor numismatical, that Tiberius ever did rule as co-regent; rather, he succeeded Augustus as emperor in AD 14 (Tacitus, Annals, I.5, Suetonius, Life of Tiberius, XXIV.2; Dio, Roman History, LVI.30.5). Jesus would have been baptized in AD 29—too late for him to have been crucified the following year.

Jesus died, therefore, on Friday, April 3, AD 33 at about 3 p.m., a few hours before the beginning of Passover day and the Sabbath. This is the date in the Julian calendar, which had been introduced in 45 BC, and follows the convention that historical dates adhere to the calendar in use at the time. If, instead, the current Gregorian calendar were retroactively extended to a date prior to its introduction in 1582 (or even 1752, when it was adopted by the United States and United Kingdom), such a proleptic date would be different (i.e., retroactively calculating a date using a later calendar). The equivalent Jewish date for the death of Jesus is Nisan 14, 3793 anno mundi, which is computed by adding 3761 BC (its proleptic Julian date) to AD 33 and subtracting a year to allow for the fact there is no AD 0. In the Jewish calendar, 3761 is the year of creation, as determined by the sage Halafta, who used only the chronology of the Bible as his authority, and codified by the twelfth-century scholar Maimonides a millennium later.”

Fast forward nearly 2000 years, when the Twin Towers started to be built, in 1966

One year later, David Rockefeller was pictured on the cover of Newsweek, on April 3rd 1967. The exact same day and month of the supposed day of Jesus’s crucifixion.

Here is a photo of him on the cover:

Nothing weird going on here, right?

Ok, now let’s zoom in on the watch…

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