Is Project Blue Beam ‘Pro-Christian’ ?

I have seen people arguing that Project Blue Beam is ‘pro-Christian’ – I don’t believe this is the case at all. Yes, it features what is described as an ‘Anti Christ’ – but there is also an Anti Christ figure in the Qaran, known as AJ Dajjal (translated as ‘the deceiver’)

Yes, there is a ‘second coming of Christ’ in the theory. But this second coming is actually a hologram which of course does not align with the Bible.

There is also a rapture type event – but again this is fake and part of the process orchestrated by the government.

There is no mention of God, no mention of a genuine second coming, and no judgement day.

So personally I believe that this theory is not pro-chrisitian. If anything, it’s not religious at all, since all the events are supposedly orchestrated by the government.

That of course does not mean that none of today’s religions hold weight or truth, they may do. But none of them are neither reinforced by PBB, nor discredited, either.


2 thoughts on “Is Project Blue Beam ‘Pro-Christian’ ?

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