Never Forget Isaac Kappy (RIP 13th May 2019) – The Man Who Tried To Expose Hollywood Creepaphelia

To avoid getting this blog blacklisted, I will be referring to the Hollywood ‘suspects’ as ‘creeps’ – many people have made posts in the past due to the Hollywood ‘rings’ and the sites have been blacklisted. For the purpose of keeping this post ‘live’ I will use this codeword ‘creeps’.

Here is Isaac Kappy, the man that tried to expose the ‘creep’ rings within Hollywood. He was an actor who had parts in Beerfest, Fanboys, Thor, Terminator Salvation, amongst many others. His Wiki can be found here:

Many people have downloaded and reuploaded videos regarding his allegations against said ‘creeps’, but most of the videos have since been scrubbed from the internet (hundreds of them). You may still be able to find some by searching ‘Isaac Kappy’ on Duckduckg0 and selecting the ‘video’ option…

In this post I will do everything I can to avoid internet blacklist software and blocks as I know there are many different rules that will pull this post down and have my blog blacklisted.

First of all, to garner your interest, I will link to the below video, called ‘Jackets and Brackets’ – this was one of the videos released by Isaac kappy which describes Epstein’s nefarious ‘creep’ dealings.

Isaac then dies in May 2019. Epstein was then ‘suicided’ later in August 2019 – which was 2 months before the Tom Hanks’ movie ‘A Beautiful day in the Neighbourhood’ was released, in November 2019.

Timeframe breakdown:

  • Isaac Kappy dies in May 2019
  • Epstein dies August 2019
  • A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood is released November 2019

Here is the ‘Jackets and Brackets‘ video (rip it before it gets scrubbed)

As you will see in the video, Kappy names Epstein, amongst other ‘creeps’ within the industry multiple times.

Strange? The scrubbing of other videos regarding this case only makes it stranger:

“We need to talk about Tom Hanks”, explaining the connection between Isaac Kappy and ‘creep’ rings… removed.

Another video, which was removed but then still available on Removeddit…” also removed.

Amongst Kappys various videos, he named (amongst others): Tom Hanks, Jimmy Kimmel, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and Mark Thompson (the guy who covered allegations on British creep Jimmy Saville and also Seth green).

One name Kappy mentioned time and time again was Tom Hanks – he made no effort to avoid naming Hanks as a ‘creep’ and made it very, very clear, that Tom Hanks was most certainly a ‘creep.’

He said, and I quote: “everyone knows what’s going on but are too scared to come out because people get killed for doing that…”

Let’s move on now, to Seth Green (who was on the disclosed Epstein flight-list) who at one point was friends with Kappy, and is pictured below at 2 ‘game night’ evenings, hosted by Dane Cook… Wiki:

These ‘game night’ evenings were in the press for allegedly having young women invited there, who should not have been there. Let’s put it that way…

(Game Night photos)

As you can see, Seth Green was present at these ‘game nights’ – as mentioned, let us keep in mind that Seth Green’s name was also present on Epstein’s flight lists (Seth Green has been in many films such as Without a Paddle, IT, Family Guy, Robot Chicken etc)

Seth Green Wiki:

One flight-list source:

In one of Kappy’s videos, he explained how Seth Green had detailed how he had a ‘hidden room’ which led to a ‘creep dungeon’, and was claimed to have stated by Kappy that:

“This is where we keep the ********” (redacted to keep the post live)

And also, 1 month later he said:

“We need to talk about ‘chicken'” (a ‘creep’ codeword for ********)

(Both claims are within Kappys videos, now incredibly hard to find online)

For some reason, he not only ended up threatening Green, but also the model Paris Jackson, who he apparently choked at a ‘game night’ after making accusations against her and Green.

Isaac Kappy then released a barrage of additional videos exposing more ‘creeps’ within the industry (again, many of which have been ‘scrubbed’) but on 13th May 2019, he released this (still live): (rip it before it gets scrubbed)

This video has been analysed and broken down by many people, but I suggest watching it to draw your own conclusions. The bottom line here is that Kappy, after making multiple videos exposing the ‘creeps’ within Hollywood, now seemed extremely concerned for his wellbeing…

Then, later that same evening, State Troopers were called to Route 66, and at 7:26am on 13th May 2019 – Isaac Kappy was found dead. (by ‘suicide’)

There was apparently a CCTV image of Isaac Kappys lifeless body sat on the edge of the bridge but this has also been scrubbed from the internet. There are many conclusions which can be drawn from this…

Here is the original link, now scrubbed

Let’s now go back to 38 days before Kappys death, when Hanks posts this:

(Tom hanks Route 66 pic)

A very cryptic message indeed, keep in mind:

  • Isaac died route 66
  • was hit by a car – road kill
  • A glove was in the photo: why?

Lets also remember that Kappy said specifically “I’m not suicidal in any way” – combine this with the death of Kappy, and the mysteries surrounding his death, and the further we look into it, the more we start to wonder: what really happened?

Not once, nor twice, does Kappy say he’s not suicidal: but at least 3 times in the video does he make this clear.

It’s also important to note that on the day that Kappy died, Tom Hanks posted this, a red handkerchief:

(Red handkerchief pic)

It’s important to note that a red handkerchief within the world of high profile occult murders/ suicides, there is the ever-present theme of a ‘red scarf. – in many cases, high profile people are found hanged with a ‘red scarf’, such as Kate Spade and L’Renn Scott.

Strange that this gets uploaded by Hanks on the same day as Kappys death? No?

To recap:

Kappy dies in May 2019

Epstein then dies in August 2019

And then the Mr Rogers film is released in November 2019

“The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 7, 2019, and was theatrically released in the United States on November 22, 2019, by Sony Pictures Releasing.” ~ Wiki

Now, I remember watching this film, which is based on the ‘innocent’ story of Mr Rogers who spends his life entertaining ********, but if you watch this film, about mid way, at least, you cannot help but think that Tom Hanks is a ‘creep’. His attempt at acting as this innocent man, which Mr Rogers was, doesn’t work, because Tom Hanks’ in this film, seems far from that.

And within this film, Hanks is seen in a ‘red’ cardigan, with a ‘shoe’.

(Red shoe pic)

The title of the film ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood‘ also seems like a strange choice, given that this film was released just after the suspicious deaths of both Epstein and Kappy.

If you want to know more about ‘the red shoe club’ – then I will leave that rabbit hole open for you to do your research.

For me, the multiple events of ‘weirdness’ within this story are enough for me to realise that there was much more going on here than simply a mentally ill man expressing his paranoia within the industry.

This man was a man who was trying to tell us all about the truth within Hollywood, and for trying to tell us that truth, he paid a price: a huge price: his life.

Thanks for reading, and here are some further links. If you have anything else that you believe should be added, please message me. Tweets, Instagram posts, anything – this needs to be brought to light as often as it can be, because Kappy is one of the only men bold enough to put his life on the line, in an attempt to expose the ‘creeps’ within Hollywood.


Other reading material:

Due to an issue posting the links, you can find them on the original Reddit post I made, linked here.

Thanks for reading,

Cantona Lynx 1084

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