The Real Reason Theories Mould and Shape into New Concepts Over Time and The Problem With Conspiracy Psychology

The political landscape is a tricky thing. The conspiracy landscape – an even trickier one.

What conspiracy theorists set out to do is to literally predict future events based on current and past events. We are constantly trying to break down reality and understand it since we know deep-down inside us that the reality we are fed through mainstream media, is far from realistic. It has too many holes, too many unanswered questions, too many “what the f*ck” moments.

Truth is steadily leaked from certain places because humans are human, and they know that truth is one of the most important elements of life. But humans are also imperfect, and other elements can very easily merge in and blend with the truth along the way from other humans, creating a very murky and distorted picture.

Humans are also extremely inquisitive, and they notice things, they see coincidences and they break them down and realise that some coincidences seem much too far from chance to be simply coincidences. And a lot of the time, they are – they are events planted within our reality, so that the ‘powers that be’ can prove their dominance – they are basically saying “look, here it is in plain sight; we know we’re doing it and you know we’re doing it, but there aint a damn thing you can do about it.. so sit down, shut up, and prepare to get f*cked”

But, some things also happen that are simply coincidences. Every coincidence that has ever happened in the political landscape cannot be due to the workings of the shadowy elite. Sometimes, coincidences do happen. We have to be honest here.

The problem with this is that while some of us are screaming “LOOK AT THIS! AND THAT! AND THIS OVER HERE! AND THAT OVER THERE!” terrorising our lungs trying to grab the attention of the rest of the world to warn them about what is going on, these coincidences can always (and will always) be put down by the opposition as just ‘random chance’, because “these things just happen sometimes” – regardless of how ridiculously obvious they seem to the ones of us who have our eyes wide open.

I think coincidences needed to be taken most seriously when they seemed to be cleverly inter-twined with other multiple coincidences. That’s when things get really weird. But even then, even when you find yourself lost in a rabbit-hole of millions of inter-twining coincidences, even then, the nay-sayers will look at you like you’ve lost your mind and tell you that you need to cancel your ticket to Area 51 and book a one-way ticket to the funny-farm.

Then we have the problem with leaks. When a project or operation is leaked, the ones behind the curtain have to reassess their plans and change them slightly. I’m sure many people have predicted exactly what was going to happen in the past and have predicted the exact date and the exact time, literally every element predicted due to a leak or a premonition. If the elite were to then still carry out their mission as originally planned, that would simply be too much. You couldn’t call that coincidence. It also brings their power and dominance into question and makes them look weak, because an operation that was orchestrated well enough would never let that happen.

Of course, sometimes, they even make intentional leaks. They create a leak that discredits the theory, or makes a different theory seem crazy whilst creating a distraction towards a fake one, or a leak that simply makes conspiracy theorists look like Alex from Fatal Attraction just did 10 sheets of acid…. there’s a million and one things these guys do in terms of psychological manipulation, things we couldn’t even dream of. Trust me, when it comes to this bunch, they are the masters of psychological manipulation. They are the puppeteers puppeteering the puppeteers. The bait shops supplying the fisherman fishing the biggest fish in the pond. The breeders-breeders breeding the dogs to fight the dogs to fight the other dogs.

If I’m completely honest, the levels these lot operate on baffle me so much that the concept of multi-dimensional shape-shifting reptile demon lizard illuminati f*ckwits sometimes really doesn’t seem that far-fetched at all. I’d never rule it out. When you’ve looked into this stuff for long enough, and you really sit down and think deeply about the complexity of reality, the state of humanity and the absurdity of current events, you have to wonder if regular humans could even pull this sh*t off. In fact thinking about it right now, let’s be honest, I don’t think they could. The stuff they pull off really defies common logic, and attempting to comprehend the complexity of it all is enough to drive anyone mad.

But the reality of the situation, regardless of the type of people we’re dealing with here, is that plans do change. I can’t even plan a walk to the shop without something being changed along the way. Ever walked into the shop to get bread and milk and walked out with a bottle of wine and a chocolate cake? (No, that isn’t a metaphor for the British Empire..) so I can imagine if you’re planning to unite all of the worlds countries as one and bring about the New World Order, plans probably do get altered ever so slightly along the way sometimes…. don’t ya think?

And whilst government plans change behind the scenes, so do the theories in-front of the scenes. The government and the conspiracy theorists are evidently in a constant game of battleships, guessing a co-ordinate and then having to reassess the board, re-gauge and re-guess where the next coordinate could be, whilst the other does the same, constantly anticipating the other ones move, in a ping-pong, never-ending fashion.

So, you see, this conspiracy game is a weird old game. I will save further breakdowns on this stuff for future blogs. For now I just want you to consider how crazy the political landscape is in regards to the sheer complexity of covert operations, conspiracy psychology and the differences between ‘us’ and ‘them’ – this is not ‘black and white’, this is not even on the colour chart…. this is a giant kaleidoscopic nightmare made of concepts that we can barely even fathom.

Stay strong, my brothers and sisters. And above all, stay safe.

Cantona Lynx 1084

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