The Ships In The Harbour – A Spiritual Metaphor About Dealing With resentment

Throughout our lives, some people do us wrong. Some people do is really, really wrong. And some people do things that our ego tells us is ‘unforgivable’ – we get negative emotions towards these people because they did us so wrong that we find it really hard to cope with.

Sometimes you will hear the phrase ‘harbouring resentments’ – and this is exactly what we’re doing.

Imagine any resentments you have, are like ships in the harbour. And it’s your decision to keep those ships in your harbour.

You have 3 options of dealing with these ships in your harbour.

The first one is leaving them there in the harbour. They will always be sitting there, and you know they’re there. And every day you look at the harbour, and think about all the possibilities of how you can get ‘justice’. Sometimes you spend hours, days, thinking about these ships and what you’re going to do.

The second option is running up to those ships and jumping on them, shouting at the top of your lungs all your feelings towards them, vandalising them, tearing down the sail, ripping off the wheel, doing everything you can to get ‘justice’. But you know that even if you do that, things aren’t actually going to get better. You won’t only be hurting the ship, you’ll be hurting yourself.

The third option is going up to that ship, releasing the ropes from the harbour, and pushing that boat out into the ocean. Letting go of all those pent us feelings inside of you, and releasing it – because you life your mind and your soul and going to feel so much better if those ships are no longer in your harbour.

Now and then, the ships may drift back in. But it doesn’t matter, because all you have to do is push them back out to sea.

And eventually, one day, those ships will stay in the ocean, and they’ll never come back into your harbour again.

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