‘They’ Want To Separate Us From God As Much As Possible

For the purpose of this post, I am not talking about a Biblical God, or Abrahamic God, or anything inbetween. I’m talking about everything which is higher than the material – untouchable and unfathomable. The thing can flows through us all which we cant explain. Deeper than ‘black and white’ and stronger than ’cause and effect’ – some people know what I mean, the others can feel free to attack me in the comments which they usually do anyway.

Todays world is designed to drag us away from God and to turn us into materialistic beings that have no belief in something higher. Peace, love and unity are the most important things in life, yet the elite want to turn us into money obsessed, success orientated, soulless individuals focused on one thing and one thing only: what we see with our eyes and not what we feel with our hearts.

  1. Social media. Social media is a dangerous tool. It makes us focus on the ego. We try to portray ourselves as successful individuals with amazing lives when the truth is that we’re actually all struggling. The reason we’re struggling is because of things like social media that draw all the bad parts out of us rather than the good parts. That’s the paradox. For anyone who has a social media account, they can’t explain exactly why it ruins their mental wellbeing, but they know it does. That’s why many of us decide to leave it. Because social media is a virus plaguing humanity, more so than any COVID or other pandemic. Social media is a tool that drags us away from God and closer to ego.
  2. Technology. Phones, PC’s, Macs, laptops, TV’s etc. All of these things are designed to drag us away from God and closer to a material realm that serves our souls in no way whatsoever, whilst feeding our egos infinitely. The problem these days especially is that it has been organised so that we need these things. You want a job? You need emails and a CV. You want to talk to your friends about entertainment? You need TV to be able to talk about the things they’re talking about. You want to see this meme or understand this theory? You need internet. They’ve turned technology into a necessity whilst this same necessity is one of the main elements killing our society. Technology is another element dragging us from God and closer to materialism.
  3. NeuraLink, StarLink, and other technological advancements. Soon people will be getting chips implanted into their brains (Neuralink) and connecting them to a worldwide internet service(StarLink). This will turn humans into trans-humans and connect them to a grid they can never escape from. These people will no longer be organic humans but artificially influenced humans that can never connect with the true realm of God and can never transcend. These people will be divided from the organic humans and the same thing will happen with us that has happened with technology – if you are a trans-human – you will have infinite abilities that are necessary to compete in the capitalist world. Organic humans will not be able to compete in this artificial field. Some will have to give in and submit to NeuraLink to ‘keep up’ – the rest will remain organic but will be left in the past. The difference will be that the organic humans can still connect to God whilst the artificial humans will be connecting to something else. It will cause a huge divide, even bigger than the divide between the ‘vaxxers and anti vaxxers’ on a scale never seen before.
  4. The Demonisation of Religion and Holy Texts. There are religions and holy texts worldwide that contain deep information that can help a man or woman to understand the depth of reality and become closer to his or her fellow man. Sure, there are things within some texts that are questionable due to the timeframe passed and the eras such texts were written but at the foundation of these texts you will find certain important truths that have never been written and cherished as much as the ones in the holy texts. These texts these days are demonised and attacked as though they need to be discounted and discredited whilst they are some of the only remaining literature that truly explains how important love, peace, unity, forgiveness, humility, egolessness, compassion, care, honesty, is. Instead, we are more interested in talking negatively about our piers and attacking anything we disagree with. This mentality is breaking down our communities and drawing us further away from the truth – that we should all love each other unconditionally and try and understand each other by any means possible.
  5. Music is so powerful that it could change the world. Yet mainstream music these days focuses on two things: sad songs and material raps. There is a reason for this. They want us to cry about our misfortunes with other humans and celebrate money and pride as though it is the most important thing in the world. Where are all the songs about love, peace and unity? They don’t exist because the record labels don’t let them exist. Look at John Lennon, he tried to get the message out and was killed. That was a statement by the elite. Ever since then, our planet has gone downhill and the music industry has followed. Music is never about love to our fellow man, it is always about the things that keep us blinded and in misery.
  6. Film and TV are powerful inventions that could spread messages of peace and love far and wide, yet look what they’re used for… when was the last time you watched a film or TV show and left feeling exhilarated, enlightened, full of love? No, you always end up feeling dismal, depressed and withdrawn. This is what ‘they’ want. For you to sit down in front of a TV, watch some brainwashing program or desensitizing movie and to leave feeling like a piece of meat rather than a being a love. It’s just another invention being used against you for the purpose of materialism rather than for you for the purpose of God.
  7. News. The news could contain stories of hope and love, positive stories of kindness and generosity. All the stories of real honest people trying to make change in the world. But this never happens. It’s always fear, dread, hate, depression. It’s to keep you scared and contained in your little bubble, in belief that the world is a dark place devoid of anything pure. The News is the most deadly device of them all because it convinces you that the ‘News’ of the world is the ‘Dark’ of the world. Whilst there is actually real love going on, they just don’t mention it because it has the power to inspire you, and to change you and build you up. But they don’t want you to be built up, they want you to be broken down.
  8. CCTV and monitoring. One of the things that connects us with God is our ability to be free. But with mass surveillance worldwide, it is becoming less and less possible to do so. Your phone is tracking you, cameras are tracking you, internet is tracking you etc. They are constantly monitoring you and following you at all times, even when you are just living your life like a regular human being. It is a massive invasion of privacy and even if you don’t notice it consciously, it is breaking you down on a subconscious level. Mass public surveillance is in action and if you want to function and be deemed as ‘normal’ in this world, you must comply, whilst devaluing your connection with God and losing everything about that connection that is most important.
  9. Sub-Cultures. 30 years ago people had differences, but we were still understanding that we were all human, and at the end of the day, we realised we were one. These days everyone has been divided into certain groups and sub-sets, where people who’s opinions differ to others seems to make them believe like they are almost part of a different race. This is completely untrue. We are all brothers and sisters and need to treat each other as such. All religions and spiritual texts will teach you the same. These new divides created by the elite were created for a reason: to drag us further away from each other and ultimately God, when really we need to be drawn closer together, and effectively, closer to God.
  10. Food and Health. One of the most important ways of connecting with God is by looking after and treating your body and mind accordingly. This requires good food, lots of good water, meditation, prayer, fluoride free toothpaste, exercise, sleep, cold showers etc. All of these things, one way or another, are constantly attacked by people in an effort to convince you that it’s not that important, or you’re thinking too much, or you’re a ‘conspiracy theorist’ etc. But whilst they try to convince you that this stuff isn’t important, you might actually tweak these parts of your life, and when you do so, you realise how much better your life becomes and how much easier it is to reconnect with God. Isn’t it strange how the things they tell us are nonsense, and how we shouldn’t bother doing them – that once we do them, we feel better as a result and closer to ‘God’ ? That’s for a reason. God is real, and when you realise that the whole world has been orchestrated in a way to drag you away from truth, and from God, you can finally start working towards peace & love, and finally finding ‘God’ once again.

Thanks for reading.

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