Videos Circulating Online of People Claiming They Have Seen Jesus and Crucifix Images in the Sky Need to be Addressed – Project Blue Beam

There are multiple videos online of people claiming they have seen Jesus or images resembling a crucifix which have been circulating over the previous years. I have to say that I’ve seen a lot of those videos and most, if not all, could easily be discredited as being simply some sort of atmospheric anomaly, or computer-manipulated videos using design programs such as 3D-Max.

Trust me, I’d love them to be real, how cool would that be? Well, maybe not that cool because it means they’re going to be followed by the ‘anti-christ’ *shudders* – but unfortunately (or more fortunately, rather) – I’m pretty sure these things are nothing for us to be worried about.

There are of course people who will want to believe these aren’t holograms but are in fact some sort of message(s) from God, and I’m not going to tell them that they’re wrong. We all have our own beliefs, and that is fine. But personally, My belief is if there is in fact a God, it most probably isn’t God who’s doing this, and more likely to be the sky having a bad day, or a kid staying up too late learning 3D-Max on his Macbook Pro.

Also, I’m pretty sure that if holograms are going to be projected into the sky, they would be more convincing than these ones. We have come a long way in technology over the past few decades and if this is the best thing that the elite can do, they might as well pack in Project Blue Beam and set up Project Plan B Beam because as far as I’m concerned, this shit aint foolin’ no one.

There are of course some MSM reports here, and it could be argued that this is all part of pre-programming or testing, to see how people react to such reports, regardless of the validity of the actual video. That’s something I can get onboard with.

I think the worst part about videos like the ones below being associated with Project Blue Beam is that it may put people off who are interested in fake-alien invasion theory from looking into it further. (As if it’s not hard enough to get them interested in the first place!) But my personal belief is that there is a lot of information that suggests a fake-alien invasion is imminent, and I think that people need to be brought to the attention of that information whilst scrutinising videos like this to avoid the real message becoming blurred.

Of course, you may have your own opinions, and I can accept that, perhaps I’m completely wrong, who knows. But what I am trying to do in my blogs is to bring a rational and logical breakdown of all information to the table in the best way possible, because my work is intended to uncover and spread the truth, not to confuse it. And some of the opinions of these videos, in my view, are not rational and logical.

With that said, I leave you with these videos to form your own opinion.

Cantona Lynx 1084

MSM Reports of a Jesus-type Figure Appearing in the Sky During a 9/11 Tribute
MSM Reports of a Jesus-type figure appearing in the sky
A Number of People Witness a Crucifix in the Sky
Jesus (or Someone) Appears to Walk Through The Clouds in Alabama
A Jesus/Crucifix Type Image Appears in the UK
A Second Jesus/Crucifix Type Image Appears in the UK
MSM Report on a Man Who Spots What He Thinks is Jesus in the Sky
Strange Jesus Looking Figure Appears in the Sky – Angle #1
Strange Jesus Looking Figure Appears in the Sky – Angle #1
MSM Reports on an Angel Type Figure Appearing in the Sky

2 thoughts on “Videos Circulating Online of People Claiming They Have Seen Jesus and Crucifix Images in the Sky Need to be Addressed – Project Blue Beam

  1. I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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