Was Jill Dando Killed For Investigating An Elite P********* ring?

In this post, I will refrain from using certain phrases to avoid the blog being blacklisted

In 1999, Jill Dando was said to be investigating an elite p********* ring, which involved British celebrities such as Jimmy Saville and Cliff Richard. She was reported to have made many comments to people in the industry regarding this ‘ring’, and specifically stated that Jimmy Saville, for example, was a p****** and that she knew about his “p**** ways”

Of course, someone who had the bravery and courage to expose people of such status were only destined to see a gloomy end, and on the 26th April 1999, in Fulham, London, Jill Dando was shot on the doorstep of her home as she left for work.
A social outcast and recluse, Barry George, was to be the scapegoat, and he was brought in for questioning, and was eventually charged. This man would be the ‘red herring’ that would go through all the necessary police procedures, only to be acquitted after a long-and-drawn out series of court appearances.

This man did not have the ability or know-how to perform what was clearly a professional ‘hit’ – the ‘hit’ itself was done on the doorstep of Dando’s home, with one clean shot to the head, and the assailant somehow managed to ‘slip away’ in broad daylight, without being noticed or seen by anyone in the area.

This of course would not only suggest the use of a firearm silencer, but also a well-thought-out and methodical way of exit. The entire murder screamed ‘professional hit’ and in no way suggested the mindless and clumsy attack of a man such as Barry George.

Of course, after Barry Georges acquittal, the whole thing was ‘swept under the rug’ and no further investigation was carried out.

Then, a year ago, the media started to report that the hit was simply a case of mistaken identity and that it was carried out by a Russian spy who intended to shoot a completely different journalist (yeah, right…)

I will return at a later date to do a full breakdown of the sequence of events relating to Jill Dando’s murder, for it is obviously a case that deserves much more analysation than it has received in the past.

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