Were Religious Artefacts Found in 2018 When an Earthquake in Mexico Revealed an Aztec Temple beneath the Teopanzolco Pyramid? Project Blue Beam News

Recently people are starting to talk about earthquakes, and what religious artefacts could possibly be found, in relation to the original Project Blue Beam theory penned by Serge Monast in the 90s.

Well, one story that I feel needs to be told is that in 2018, Archaeologists checking a Mexican pyramid to see how much damage it had sustained during a huge earthquake found what eventually turned out to be an ancient temple.

The temple was hidden below the Teopanzolco pyramid in Morelos state, slightly south of Mexico City… Hang on a second… a religious temple? Found inside a pyramid? After an earthquake? Could it get any weirder? Yeah, sure it can, and it’s about to…

It is thought to have been built around 1150 and belonged to the Tlahuica culture. The structure has been said to be a dedication to Tláloc, the Aztec God of… wait a minute, sit down for this one…

The Aztec God of rain, lightening, and yep, you guessed it: EARTHQUAKES.

Project Blue Beam theorises that religious artefacts will be found at EARTHQUAKES. Then there’s an EARTHQUAKE which uncovers an ENTIRE RELIGIOUS TEMPLE beneath a PYRAMID after an EARTHQUAKE. And then the temple turns out to be a shrine for the GOD OF EARTHQUAKES?

Sometimes I wish I had a calculator I could type this stuff into so it would just give me the odds of this stuff occurring because I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have enough zeros on the display to give me an answer. In fact it probably wouldn’t have enough battery life to produce the answer, let alone give one.

But wait…. archaeologists say that they only found an incense burner and ceramic shards amongst the remains… 1 incense burner and Auntie Meldrew’s broken pot inside an entire bloody TEMPLE? You must be kidding me…

Listen, I’m no archaeologist, but I know that if you find a 1000 year old temple beneath a pyramid in the middle of Mexico, there’s gonna be more than a crumby old joss stick and a bit of broken china.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I have a theory – that something may have been found there, or was meant to be found there, but it fell into the wrong hands. A student archaeologist volunteering on their summer break needed something to sell to get weed, or someone just found ‘The Bible Part 2’ and decided to keep it for themselves. I don’t know what happened…. but there’s definitely something not right about this one….

It all seems just a little bit too weird…..

Cantona Lynx 1084

the Teopanzolco pyramid in Mexico
The Entry to a Hidden Temple Which Was Found After A Giant Earthquake Hit in 2018

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