Why the ‘Elite’ Really Could be Multi-Dimensional Entities/ Demons

I really dislike the term ‘elite’. I remember when people used the term ‘Illuminati’ – and to be honest, it made much more sense. The elite are just the guys at the top that we see with our eyes. It’s unlikely that these are the ‘top dogs’. Unfortunately the term ‘Illuminati’ was used less and less in the late 00s and early 10s because of it’s association with a lot of off-the-wall videos on YouTube (back when you could actually watch independent videos on YouTube) – this association meant Illuminati became a bit of a funny-jokey term people used to take the piss out of conspiracy theorists.

The term ‘Illuminati’ actually refers to ‘The Illuminated Ones’ – AKA ‘the ones with the higher knowledge’ – the top of the 33rd Degree of Freemasons. Basically, the highest of the high when it comes to 33rd degree ranking.

The reason this term really works is because it refers to ‘the unknown’ – which if you look deep enough into conspiracy theories, you become more and more convinced that this is who is running things, and not the government, or the elite, or the CIA, whoever….. it’s something above that, higher than that, elusive, untouchable, unfathomable.

Consider what most of us think they do. Not only do they pull off the most elaborate of false flags, assassinations, hoaxes, shootings, etc, but they do it all without anyone ever blowing the whistle or without it ever coming to serious light. Without any solid, irrefutable proof. It’s incredibly hard to believe that mere humans could pull this shit off.

Then you consider the symbology, foreshadowing, cabal ritualism that they use in film, TV and design. To be able to execute of all of these events and then have all of that symbology interwoven within the fabric of media, could regular humans really do this without the aid of occultism or some sort of inter-dimensional travel?

I used to think David Icke and Alex Jones were full of shit when it came to the subject of exactly who ‘the powers that be’ were. But when I hear them talk about inter-dimensional lifeforms these days there’s honestly a part of me that goes ‘you know what? I wouldn’t be surprised’

All I’m saying is that nothing is impossible and based on what we know, some kind of force that exists beyond human comprehension maybe isn’t really THAT far-fetched?

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