“If You Look At How The Foundation Of The Country Was Put Together, Its On Masonic Principles” Freemason Council Member Makes A Lot Of Admittance In This Short Video

This short clip is very telling. It features a Freemason Council Member specifically stating that the United States was built on Masonic principles. I invite you to watch the video and draw your own conclusions from it. But when you consider the theory that the powers that be have been infiltrated by the Freemasons, and […]

Ex-Military Personnel Bill Cooper Predicts 9/11 Just 2 Months prior, on June 28th 2001 (Cooper was subsequently shot by Apache Sheriffs on November 5th 2001 for ‘Aggravated Assault’.)

On June 28th 2001, Bill Cooper (RIP) predicted 9/11. I encourage everyone who watches this video to look deeper into Bill Boopers life, and more specifically, read his book ‘Beyond a Pale White Horse’ Bill Cooper took part in many interviews and podcasts, some of which can be found online. I also encourage you to […]

Biblical allegory explained

Biblical allegory is not about refuting literal meaning and replacing it with an allegorical one. It is simply a way of translating the scriptures into allegory. A belief in biblical allegory does not mean that you are categorically stating that the scriptures are literal, or allegorical, or both, or either. What you are saying is […]

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