“ASK ABOUT ILLUMINATI” Duck Tales, Season 2, Episode 23 (Cred. w1ndyshr1mp)

Many people have spent a lot of time analysing the work of Disney. Within Disney material you will find multiple elements of symbology hidden within the animations. There is a reason for this – what better way to indoctrinate people than to start the indoctrination in their earlier years? You will not only find occult symbology within such animations, but also elements of sex – the intent – to brainwash children before they are even adults. You will find instances of this within all of Disney’s work, if you look for it. I will post more in due course. I will also post a graphic detailing further occult symbology within Disney’s work after this initial graphic. You can decide for yourself if this has happened purely by ‘chance’ or if it has been put there for a reason..

Here are the additional examples:

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