Project Blue Book – The Declassified Documents Regarding the Study of UFO by the ASAF from 1952-1969 – Project Blue Beam News

Between 1952-1969, the United States Air Force were conducting a study into UFO sightings. One year after it was started, the United States Director of Central Intelligence, Walter B Smith, detailed (in a now declassified document) how UFO could be used as ‘psychological warfare’. I think this was potentially when the concept of a fake […]

Fact-checked Project Blue Beam Events with Links (All Accounts by Government and Military Personnel Only)

Below is a chronological breakdown of all fact-checked information supporting Project Blue Beam theory over the past century. It does not contain any speculation, numerological or symbolical observations and sticks as closely as possible to what we know. All of the below information has come directly from military and governmental personnel, or has been sourced […]

Was the Term ‘WOKE’ so Powerful that it was Hijacked by the CIA and Replanted Amongst the Far-Left’s Consciousness to Birth a New Form of Social Divide?

Before 2014, the term to “stay woke” wasn’t something the general public had heard much about. But black communities in the US were using it a lot — the concept of staying “woke” simply meant to stay alert as a basic survival tactic in an ever-growing hostile sociological climate. But in 2014, when Michael Brown […]

The Real Reason Theories Mould and Shape into New Concepts Over Time and The Problem With Conspiracy Psychology

The political landscape is a tricky thing. The conspiracy landscape – an even trickier one. What conspiracy theorists set out to do is to literally predict future events based on current and past events. We are constantly trying to break down reality and understand it since we know deep-down inside us that the reality we […]

Was COVID a Psyop to Test Public Reaction Levels of Hysteria in Response to Major Global Events, Such as a Fake-Alien Invasion? (Project Blue Beam, PBB)

Is it possible that COVID was used to test the levels of hysteria generated by large-global, humanity-threatening events, before eventually releasing Project Blue Beam onto the masses? One of the arguments why AREA 51 and Roswell were ‘debunked’ by government officials, why information was withheld, and why sightings were supressed, is because the general public […]

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