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As many people have been discussing recently in conspiracy-theory-circles, the film White Noise seems to be a foreshadowing of recent events. Well, let’s be honest. It doesn’t ‘seem’ to be, it most certainly is.

I recently made a post which not only broke down the film, but also the novel. It touched on a few things, but since then, many more things have been spotted. If you would like to see my original post regarding White Noise, you can do so by clicking here.

In this post I am going to break down all of the new revelations that have been made with regards to the scenes in this film. For the time being I am going to do so with a series of bullet points and in no particular order. In the near future, I will be writing a full dissection of the film in chronological order which will break down every last part of this film so that every single piece of symbology can be exposed.

If you have read my original post, please allow for repeats of some info from that post which I will add here to make sure I get as comprehensive a break down as possible regarding this film.

Sidenote: if you’re new to this and don’t know what Project Blue Beam is you can find out more here.

Ok, in no particular order, starting with the most popular one:

  1. In the film, there is a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio which ends up unleashing fumes that create an “airborne toxic event.” This chemical spill requires everyone nearby to evacuate the area and seek shelter far from the crash. Then in real life, on February 4th 2023, a train carrying harmful chemicals derails in the very same town…. This chemical spill also requires everyone nearby to evacuate the area and seek shelter far from the crash…..

That alone in itself is incredibly weird. But it gets weirder….

2. Ok, so as I already explained, on February 4th 2023, in real life, the train derails in Ohio spilling said chemicals. This is the same day that the US military shot down a ‘surveillance balloon’ which was then followed by a string of 3 UFO sightings (and eventual shootings) in US airspace, one day after the other. How weird then, would it be, if I told you that in the film White Noise, there is a part of the script where one of the girls says ‘there have been a bunch of UFO sightings in this area’ ?

3. And the reason for this? In the book, White Noise, which the film is based on, UFO’s are used to cause a distraction which, apparently, is what some people are arguing that the government are now doing in real life (there are in fact various theories on what they’re doing – one being Project Blue Beam as I’ve already mentioned – click here for info on PBB if you’re unaware what it is)

4. The film was also released on November 26th which is the same date Back to the Future production started (in 1984 may I add – the same year this film is set – the same year George Orwells book about totalitarian regime is set – 1984), which as a lot of you will know, foreshadowed 9/11 ( there is a documentary of it on YouTube you can watch which I will link here) So a film which foreshadowed 9/11 that started production on November 26th 1984, is then followed by a film which is potentially foreshadowing Project Blue Beam which is set in 1984 and is released on November 26th 2022. Another extremely strange coincidence.

5. The film is littered with messages such as “enjoy these days while they last” which send a shiver down your spine when you’re aware of how symbolic this film is.

6. There is also a long conversation between Jack (Adam Driver) and a member of staff where Jack keeps asking “is this real or is it a simulation?!”

7. Just to add insult to injury, there is another possible piece of Project Blue Beam foreshadowing in another film – a UFO film. A train derailment which leads to a chemical gas release in the 23rd scene of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Yes, the alien-abduction film from the 70’s. In this film, there is also a huge atmospheric cloud (although I must point out this one is not caused by chemical gases) which has always been praised as being a great piece of cinematography that the creators achieved by filling a tank half full of salt water with fresh water on top, then injecting paint into the top layer. The paint then billowed through the fresh water but flattened out at the top of the heavier salt water, creating the effect we see on screen. Train derailments + chemicals + UFO’s + clouds: they seem to be everywhere…

Extra bonus: In the episode Fallen Angel from the X Files (first temp, 10th chapter), there is a UFO crash in Townsend, Wisconsin – and the government lies by saying that it was a train derailment. (I will be doing a full analysis of this episode soon too)

Bonus #2: There is also another train derailment in another alien film, Super 8 (2011)

8. There is also the running theme in White Noise that everyone who watches the TV feels as though the events are distant from them but then they slowly have to come to terms with the fact that it is indeed real. Almost like a warning to us, the audience, that what we are watching, may seem distant, but very soon, it will all seem much too real.

9. at 33:00 the train explodes

at 33:30 men in Mylex suits jump out of the van

at 33:33 the second chapter text rolls: THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT

33 degrees of Freemasonry anyone? Shivers?

10. And whilst we’re talking about things happening which have happened before, there’s also references to déjà vu.. twice. They say in the film that the chemical cloud is causing déjà vu (chemicals causing déjà vu? That’s a new one on me…) Déjà vu also known as experiencing something that you feel like you’ve experienced before…..

(Like this film for example??…..)

“It doesn’t cause nausea, vomiting, or shortness of breath like they said before” – Heinrich

“What does it cause?” Jack

“Heart palpitations… and a sense of déjà vu” Heinrich

“Déjà vu?!.. come onnn” Jack

“It effects the false part of the human brain, or whatever” Heinrich

Can I please get a plate of weird with a side order of weird and a glass of weird please?

11. Don Delios, the writer of the book White Noise, which the film is based on, also wrote another book: Underworld – which is set in 2024 (the same year Project Blue Beam is expected to fully take effect.)

12. There is also part in the film where a homeless guy in the shelter randomly breaks out into what turns into a speech, it goes like this (references in brackets)

“Nothing on network, not a word, not a picture (lack of photographic evidence of UFO)

On the Glassboro channel, we rate 52 words, by actual count..No film footage, no live report, does this thing happen so often? That nobody cares…. (lack of photographic evidence of UFO)

We were scared to death! We left our homes… drove through a rainstorm… we saw that deadly spectre…. (chemical evacuation)


Are they telling us it was insignificant? Are they telling us this is just television? DONT THEY KNOW, ITS REAL??!!! (past months events)

Shouldn’t the streets be, crawling with camera and reporters? Shouldn’t we be yelling out the window at them “leave us alone! We’ve been through enough already!” (current state of humanity)

Haven’t we earnt the right to despise their idiot questions??!! (current state of humanity)

Look at us in this place…. we are QUARANTINED! (COVID reference)

Like leppers in medieval times. Everything we loved and worked for is under serious threat…even if there hasn’t been a great loss of life… don’t we deserve attention for our suffering? OUR TERROR? (the plight of the common man)

ISN’T FEAR NEWS??????? (fear is most definitely news)…..

I saw this before (incoming dejavu reference)

“saw what before?” Says Jack

”You were standing there, I was standing here. Your features incredibly sharp and clear. It all happened before…. hissing in the pipes. The tiny little hairs standing out in your pores. That identical look on your face.”

“What look?”


Lost….” (like everyone right now)

Why all these strange references to déjà vu? There’s must be a reason for it? Yeah, you know the reason…

13. The film also contains a character Mr Gray (Grey aliens anyone?) who gives Jacks wife drugs in exchange for sex. Does it not seem weird that the villain in this film, (and also the villain in Project Blue Beam) is called Mr Gray? He’s a metaphor for alien. They are trying to programme our subconscious’ to demonise aliens so that when ‘they’ come, we are fully against them.

14. Occult books of witchcraft are hidden in parts of the film. That would make sense since all of this devilish symbolism is being planted by 33 degree ranking Freemasons/ Illuminati/ Elite (whatever you want to call them) who don’t give a damn about what you’re feeling or thinking. They get off on the idea of you seeing it in plain sight and still not being able to do anything about it.

15. There is a scene just before where the crew tell him that the evacuation company who turn up in vans are called SIMUVAC – SIMUVAC stands for “simulated evacuation”……… whaaaaat???? Like, how you simulated an evacuation a year before it actually happened do you mean?

16. And as if it couldn’t get weirder…. Just to finish up quickly…..

The name ‘White Noise’ itself could have two different meanings:

  1. a reference to white noise torture, which is the method of playing white noise at incredibly high frequencies to your subject: effectively torturing them


2) it’s use to send people (and keep them) asleep…….


16. And finally, (with breakdown) I leave you with this: the lyrics to ‘The Cloud is Coming’ by Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips which is part of the White Noise soundtrack:

[Verse 1: Dean Wareham, Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips]

The Nyodene dogs are here to stay (Nyodene: the chemical gas that is released after the toxic event)

The government knows more than they say (well, duh)

UFO sightings in Farmington town (yep)

Widespread looting all around (riots)

Three live deer at the Kung Fu Palace are dead (33)

Those pretty clouds ain’t what they seem (toxic clouds)

How come I’m never in the mood? (no ones happy anymore these days)

They’re putting something in the cafeteria food (increasingly more processed food)

[Chorus: Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips]

I see no difference between the blue and the red (red and blue pills in the matrix – ‘do you choose reality or continue to live in your bubble? Also – possibly republican and democrat (US) conservative and labour (UK)

The cloud is coming for us all (toxic cloud)

[Verse 2: Dean Wareham, Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips]

Korean Airliner in thе Japanese sea (TV Event in film, possible future foreshadow)

Can’t you see thosе blinking lights? (TV Event in film, possible future foreshadow)

West of Sakhalin, a SU-15 (TV Event in film, possible future foreshadow)

Had them in his sights (TV Event in film, possible future foreshadow)

German shepherds from New Mexico (unsure of ref)

Coming down by parachute (unsure of ref)

See the men in their Mylex suits (a Mylex suit is a biohazard radiation suit)

Coming here to burn and loot (riots)

[Chorus: Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips]

There’s no difference between the blue and the red (blue and red pill)

The cloud is coming for us all (we all know what the cloud is)

There’s no difference between the blue and the red (blue and red pill)

The cloud is coming (toxic cloud)

[Verse 3: Dean Wareham, Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips]

(I’ll leave the rest down to you for now…..)

Behind the curtain in East Berlin

They engineered a freak

They put a human brain into a chimp

They say the simian tried to speak

Two of the men at the switching yard are dead

Exactly as we feared

Chopper flew inside the toxic cloud and never reappeared (Black helicopter crash in Florida)

[Chorus: Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips, Dean Wareham]

I see no difference between the blue and the red

The cloud is coming for us all

I see no difference between the blue and the red

The cloud is coming for us all

[Outro: Britta Phillips]Mm-hm-mm, mm-hmHm, mm-hm

I will return at a later date to tidy this post up and add some additional details. For now I am going to post it to release it into the stratosphere. I hope you can see what I’m seeing – at first glance, one or possibly two of these things could be argued as coincidence. But not this, this is beyond trillions to the one in the realm of possibility. This was most 100% definitely planned and planted by the ‘powers that be’. This is is Illuminati/ satanic/ Freemasonic/ Elite symbology weaved into reality for the simple purpose of messing with our heads and attempting to absolve their wrong-doings with the magick of occult witchcraft. Do not be fooled.

Thanks for reading,

Peace & Love people, speak to you soon

Cantona Lynx 1084

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