Project Unknown and the Exposé of CIA Disinfo Agent Serge Monast – the True Project Blue Beam

*Please note that this blog is being constantly updated. As I learn new things and conduct further research, some of it may change. This article in it’s current form is the closest I think I have gotten to the truth, but it is not definitive. Please feel free to let me know if you spot anything that seems incorrect or if you have any alternative ideas that may aid me in getting a clearer picture of what is going on*

Update: more information has recently been brought to my attention so I am currently having to reconsider some of this theory. As with all my work, please remember that everything I write is simply theory. I do not have conclusive proof, I just join the dots and try to work out what’s going on. Of course I may be wrong, but we have to make mistakes in the process sometimes in order to progress.

My name as a lot of you already know is Cantona Lynx, and I have been studying conspiracy theories since the late 90s. Along the way I have been intrigued by many theories, some of which I have been completely convinced by and others, not so much.

There are some that I have looked into and later lost interest. One of those was Project Blue Beam.. At first I gave it some time – at its foundation, it made some sense. What better way to bring the planets nations together and to create a New World Order than to fake an alien attack upon the earth? As unlikely as it seemed, the theory deserved some research. After all, if anyone would have told me in 2000 that the twin towers and the pentagon would be hit the following year in an orchestrated attack by the US government, I would also have wondered if they’d lost their marbles. So I was willing to entertain the concept of a fake alien-invasion which was explained to me quite simply like this:

1. A fake alien-invasion is orchestrated

2. The planets nations forget all their differences and unite together as one

3. We fight the aliens

4. We defeat the aliens

5. For the safety of humanities future, an international meeting is organised and a treaty is made: to officially combine together as one, prepared and ready for any future attacks from the unknown. A unification of all nations – a collaboration of leaders. Bingo – a New World Order.

But after doing a deep-dive into Serge Monast who wrote the book Project Blue Beam, and approaching it with some much-needed scrutiny, this one seemed too crazy. Holographic religious figures? New-Age Anti Christs? Mind-control devices? It all appeared like a trip-report from a lethal-dose of DMT.

Serge Monast on Canadian TV in the 90s

Apart from all it’s obvious pre-planning and execution complications as well as its clearly absurd predictions, it had more holes in it than a mosquito net – my main issue with it was in the final step of the program, the UFO’s would apparently be holograms. ‘How could holograms attack us?’ – I thought. That would mean that the weapons would be holograms, and we all know that holograms cant cause damage. It wouldn’t take people long to realise that these things in the sky were merely projections and that the ‘threat’ was not really a threat at all. Case closed.

Fast forward to 2021 and my interest in Project Blue Beam was barely a memory. Just something I’d dabbled with in the past. That was when I first heard of the ‘tic-tac’ UFO that was being reported by ex-military whilst the US government started to admit that UFO’s did exist and that there were things going on in the sky that no one can explain. UFO’s that defy physics, flying in and out of the water at incredible speeds, changing directions at an alarming rate, and completely baffling US pilots. My interest in the possibility of aliens existing was gaining momentum again. But the concept of Project Blue Beam itself was still merely a shadow in the corners of my mind.

The ‘tic-tac’ UFO as seen by US Military

Following the initial reports of the ‘tic-tac’, a steady drip-feed of UFO news from the mainstream media started to be unleashed upon the public consciousness. UFO’s were deemed to be ‘real’ once again. So much so, that they even renamed them: UAP’s – to remove the association with the ‘UFO’ that had been fictionalised by film and TV. And very gradually, the general public started to warm to the idea again that there may actually be aliens visiting us.

Then I find myself in 2023, pretty much ready for an alien to pop up on the TV and start singing the ‘Hokey Cokey’ – but as I graze through the news and internet forums, I start to realise a multitude of things going on, as did many other people:

  • One ‘surveillance balloon’ shot down (heading in the direction of Hawaii where a huge wall of green lasers (holograms) were seen on the same day the balloon was spotted.)
  • Three UFO’s shot down in the same locations the balloon passed through in the following 3 days. (Let’s be clear that the 3 UFO’s were all originally reported as ‘cylindrical’, ‘grey’ and ‘the size of a car’ – not balloons.)
  • Multiple earthquakes worldwide happening at an increased frequency as well as areas which are never normally hit by quakes, such as Romania.
  • Five trains derailed (3 releasing chemical spills.)
  • Three cell companies down.
  • Four social media platforms down.
  • Three government buildings lose electricity at the same time.
  • Eight countries pull all of their ambassadors out of Turkey 24 hours before a giant earthquake hits.
  • Huge 5 acre warehouse fire in Florida.
  • US Blackhawk helicopter ‘crashes’ in Alabama.
  • Symbology spotted in the 2021 Netflix film White Noise
  • UFO sightings increasing worldwide
  • And more
Chinese Spy Balloon photo released by US Gov

Suddenly my mind was cast back to when I was interested in Project Blue Beam… specifically the UFO’s, earthquakes and holograms. It seemed much too strange that all of this stuff could be happening within such a short space of time. If there was any way that I expected Project Blue Beam to start, February 2023 would be it. And so once again, with my previous knowledge of Project Blue Beam resurfacing itself in my consciousness, I started to look into it with an open mind, through new eyes – and to try and consider everything that was detailed within the available information on the internet without disregarding it as nonsense.

That was when I created a breakdown of Project Blue Beam with every step which was theorised by Monast, and for some time afterwards, I really wasn’t ruling it out. There were a lot of elements to the story with information that supported it, but then also a lot of elements that I was really struggling to get onboard with. Some of it just seemed too elaborate, too far-fetched. There was so much that made so much sense, and so much that just had a part of me saying “no”. So I had to start trying to work out exactly why this might be.

Serge Monasts book
Project Blue Beam

The thing that bothered me the most in the years previous was, as I explained, how these holograms would not be able to cause damage. Well, after some thought I realised the holograms didn’t necessarily have to cause damage at all because now I’d seen the ‘tic-tac’ – and it was very possible that if these ‘tic-tacs’ were US government-owned craft, the US government could also have fleets of these machines hidden away in Area 51 or some such base. All you would need to do is to send these out under the guise of being ‘alien craft’ – swooping out and attacking the planet along with some holographic UFO’s to increase the illusion, and suddenly you’ve got the whole package – genuine ‘alien crafts’ that can attack and destroy entire cities – supported by a back-drop of holographic UFO’s… your fake-alien invasion is now ready to commence.

Then I looked further into the history of the main events regarding Project Blue Beam and it really did seem to make sense. The Roswell incident happening in 1947, which led to Project Blue Book (the declassified systematic study of UFO) starting that same year , then followed a few years later by the CIA document (also now declassified) being issued about how UFO could be used for psychological warfare, which was subsequently followed by the construction of Area 51 two years after that… all the dots were starting to join together exactly how you’d expect them to if this was all real.

One of many declassified UFO documents

Then I broke it down a bit further, and it made even more sense when I realised the amount of changes to the project name and the time spent on the project itself.

Project Blue Book (the systematic study of UFO) actually had 4 previous names (all now declassified)

It starts as Project Saucer which is set up in 1947, same year of the Roswell Incident – and this is later changed to Project Sign in the same year.

Project Sign then becomes Project Grudge in 1949

Project Grudge then issues its only formal report in August 1949. The report’s conclusion were:

A. There is no evidence that objects reported upon are the result of an advanced scientific foreign development; and, therefore they constitute no direct threat to the national security. In view of this, it is recommended that the investigation and study of reports of unidentified flying objects be reduced in scope.

B. All evidence and analyses indicate that reports of unidentified flying objects are the result of:

1. Misinterpretation of various conventional objects.

2. A mild form of mass-hysteria and war nerves.

3. Individuals who fabricate such reports to perpetrate a hoax or to seek publicity.

4. Psychopathological persons.

If this was the case, why was Project Grudge not discontinued with immediate effect? Still, it receives yet another name change and continues for many more years afterwards:

Project Grudge finally becomes Project Blue Book in 1952 (we can only assume that the ‘book’ refers to the book(s) containing all of the information regarding sightings and data.)

Project Blue Book then officially ends in 1969.

Another declassified Blue Book document

Now, I am unsure of why the project changed names so many times along the way, the last change is obvious but the 3 preceding it – not so obvious. But since it’s name changed a total of 5 times in 22 years, this is obvious proof of two things: 1, the project was clearly being taken seriously and not being ‘reduced in scope’ as mentioned in the conclusions of Project Grudge. And 2, changes were being made to the project along the way, hence the multiple adaptations to it’s title.

SO why after 5 name changes and 22 years of investigation, was it abruptly stopped? This seems unlikely. I can only assume that it underwent yet another name change and was continued. But to what and for how long?

Now, of course this next part is speculation, but most people believe that Project Blue Book is potentially replaced by Project Blue Beam which starts around 1969 – and this would make sense. And since it is the continuation of Project Blue Book (or part 5 in the series of the US Government UFO projects) it maintains the ‘blue’ but replaces the ‘book’ with the ‘beam’ of a hologram. And Project Blue Beam is born.

Anyway, back to the chronology – let’s also quickly take a moment to consider the timeframe between the invention of holographic technology, the possible start of reverse-engineering of alien-craft and the potential launch of Project Blue Beam.

1947 – UFO is recovered from Roswell

1948 – holograms are invented by Dennis Gabor

1955 – Area 51 is built and reverse-engineering of alien-craft recovered from Roswell continues

1969 – Project Blue Beam starts – so this means that there has been 21 years of holographic progression and 14 years of reverse-engineering. A perfect amount of time to develop these things to a point where you could make a proposal for a project using them for a covert operation such as a fake-alien invasion.

Inventor of the hologram, Denis Gabor

Also: if Project Blue Beam was indeed set up in 1969, you’d expect the creator, Denis Gabor, would probably be commended for making an invention such as holography, wouldn’t you? Well, he actually received the Nobel Prize for Physics two years after I expect Project Blue Beam was set up, in 1971.. (23 years after he invented it! Why so long?) – it would make perfect sense if he was commended for this creation as it had just been incorporated into a covert operation intended to bring about the New World Order.

My interest in the possibility of this all being real was rapidly developing from ‘slightly interested’ to ‘slightly concerned’ – that’s when I dug a bit deeper and realised that between 1977 to 1991, there was a flurry of government personnel , all being very vocal in regards to fake-alien invasions, either talking about them specifically, or touching on the subject in a very similar manner; German and American aerospace engineer and space architect Wernher von Braun talking to Dr Carol Rosin about the last card being ‘the alien card’, President Reagan talking specifically about a fake-alien invasion bringing the worlds nations together, Bush SR talking about a common enemy bringing the worlds nations together (a very similar speech to Reagans, just with the word ‘alien’ dropped), and finally ex-serviceman William Cooper who also spoke about the possibility of a coming fake-alien invasion. All of these people started speaking about these things just 8 years after Project Blue Beam would have started. Everything was tying together perfectly. Considering all of that, combined with the recent events of the 2020’s, I was becoming more and more convinced that a fake-alien invasion was possibly in the process of starting very soon.

Dr Carol Rosin and Werhner Von Braun

I then looked at a brief overview of the steps by Serge Monast, and at first glance it still seemed far-fetched, but due to technological advancements over the past 10 years, definitely much more plausible than before. The mind-control could now be possible using tech such as Neuralink, the holograms could be possible through tech such as Starlink, the electronic-money system replacing paper-money was obviously already on it’s way, and other advancements such as AI, the evolution of the internet, 5G, and many others – all seemed to work in favour of Monast’s theory. He seemed to get so much right. And so that was when I put together a definitive guide to Project Blue Beam which you can see by clicking this link – I was so convinced Project Blue Beam was real, that I really wanted Monast’s version of the theory to work. There were things that bothered me, sure. But it all just seemed too much of a coincidence for the things he got right to be purely by chance. I was almost sold on his idea. Almost.

But then I started reading much deeper into the translations of some of Monast’s work of which you can find by clicking this link. I tried to look at it all objectively, rather than just having blind faith that everything he was saying was pure unadulterated truth. And that’s when I really started to lose faith in Monast. There was so much within his translations that I had problems with, but I will break down the things that I had the most issues with:

First of all, his suggestion that people will question their faiths due to new archaeological findings is a strange one. Keeping in mind the first step is before any mind-control has been initiated. If you consider most people of faith, it doesn’t matter what you show them: if it goes against their beliefs, they will immediately claim it to be false. I find it very hard to believe that anything could be found that would get a seriously devout Christian or Muslim to even start questioning their faith, let alone denouncing it.

He then explains that the Russians have created a ‘super computer’ which can do all sorts of elaborate things including downloading peoples thoughts, dialect, lives, etc through satellites. Not only is this extremely hard to fathom, but the fact he says it must be done via satellites rather than simply by using data-collection and the internet, suggests to me that he was not truly aware of advanced tech abilities. If he was then he would have just explained how it would be done via the internet or something similar, rather than using all types of jargon relating to satellites. Also, his demonisation of the Russians was common place for media around that time due to the Cold War, which makes him sound like more of a government agent than a whistle-blower.

A 2023 Rolling Stone article recently covered the history of geopolitical tension between the U.S and the Soviet Union

The next step involves the holographic projections of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and Krishna etc who will speak to all nations dependant on what the predominant faith is followed in that area. Once they have got peoples attention, and convince them to reconsider their faith, they will merge into an anti-christ type-figure who will explain that:

Various scriptures have been misunderstood and misinterpreted, and that the religions of old are responsible for turning brother against brother, and nation against nation, therefore old religions must be abolished to make way for the new age new world religion, representing the one god Antichrist they see before them.” – Serge Monast’s own words.

Again, all of this will be done before any mind-control as explained in his later work. There are some problems here: first of all, for example, there are no Islam-accepted depictions of Mohammed so any attempt to create a hologram of him would be met with pure scepticism. An image of Jesus would also be questioned for it’s authenticity due to peoples different interpretations of what they think he looks like. Similar problems for Buddha and Krishna also arise. Secondly, we have the same problem as step one in that anything that goes against a persons beliefs is always met with defence rather than acceptance – this would also apply here. And third: If you have a Muslim in a Christian country or a Christian in a Muslim country etc (of which we have now more than ever due to such broad diversity.) These people would also not be convinced or converted. In fact, when we consider these three main points, it’s hard to believe that anyone is going to fall for this illusion.

It’s hard to imagine an illusion that could convince a devout Christian or Muslim

He then explains how this is all going to be brought about by the United Nations. But due to all the other information available, it certainly seems like it’s the west, primarily the US government (or not so much the government but the puppet masters behind the scenes) who are the main entity behind all of this. I find it very difficult to fathom that the entire United Nations could be involved. The planets nations seem to find it impossible to agree on the smallest of things, so how could they agree on secretly planning world domination together?

Also – as I explained earlier – one of the most fundamental problems with Monasts version was the hologram problem. How could this alien invasion work if they would be unable to actually attack us? Monast doesn’t mention anything regarding accompanying reverse-engineered craft such as the ‘tic-tac’ – and he fails to even elaborate on this part of his theory so that it makes sense. How could a man who has gone into so much extreme depth in his books and lectures, fail to see this one very clear flaw in the final step of his theory? He must have known it was there, so why ignore it? I was becoming more and more convinced that Monast was doing this stuff intentionally.

I could go on with further examples, but I feel these one are enough to show that Monast was being far from authentic. It definitely seemed like he was laying ‘a turd within the bowl of punch’ – but why?

Eventually I had to sit down and think. Why did Monast get so much right, but then mix it all together with so much that was quite clearly wrong. Not even just wrong – it seemed purposefully wrong. Like he was doing it on purpose. There must have been a reason for his eerily precise predictions being stirred together with obscene falseness.

And that’s when I came to the conclusion:

Serge Monast was a disinfo agent planted by the CIA

Was Serge Monast a disinfo agent?

Allow me to explain:

The shadow-elite knew their plan would be hatched in the new century so they needed to make sure that the concept of a fake alien invasion would be heavily ridiculed should people start putting the pieces of the puzzle together in the future. If anyone would mention ‘Project Blue Beam’ – they would be laughed at, mocked: “holograms of Jesus in the sky? Don’t make me laugh!”

And so they planted Monast, and some others, within the political landscape, to confuse the public and discredit the theory of a fake-alien invasion should it ever arise in the future.

And let’s face it, it’s worked. They’ve created a certain divide between us all:

  • The people who disbelieve anything conspiracy related will never listen to any theory regarding a fake-alien invasion because they now associate it with what seems to be a false version – Monast’s version.
  • The people who believe in a fake-alien invasion but not Project Blue Beam are now divided from Project Blue Beam believers – each side believes the other is wrong.
  • The UFO community refuse to listen to anything to do with a fake-alien invasion because they want to believe the UFO’s are piloted by real aliens – and their introduction to the theory is always Project Blue Beam. They approach it with scepticism because of their bias, and as soon as they hear about certain elements, they’re happy to switch off and return to their initial beliefs.
  • The conspiracy crowd who have one foot in the theory and one foot out are also confused because there’s so much information circling around about what the fake-invasion is and what it isn’t that they leave it alone and stick to what they know. And understandably so.
This is how people look at you when you mention fake alien invasion theory now

So there’s now multiple theories, multiple understandings of the project, and multiple disagreements going on. Why?

Monast’s Project Blue Beam.

There was only ever one plan – to fake an alien invasion which would bring the worlds nations together, which would eventually bring about a New World Order. That was all it ever was. Everything else must have been added as disinfo – confuse the people to the point where a fake-alien invasion was impossible. Then if it ever happened, well – “it cant be Project Blue Beam – that’s crazy!” and “if this isn’t Project Blue Beam… then it must be real!”

I will now break down this new version of events which ties everything together, maintains continuity and above all – makes sense. It explains everything from the Roswell incident up until the current day, with an explanation of each element and person, who they were, what they said and why.

As well as Monast, I also believe that there were two other disinfo agents planted: Gene Roddenberry and Janet Morris. The first is U.S Military Intelligence Serviceman and Screenplay writer Gene Roddenberry and the other is Janet Morris, who was a think-tank for the CIA, NSA and other governmental operations in the 80s, 90s and early 00s.

Janet Morris, Ex-consultant to the CIA and NSA is also most likely a disinfo agent

*Due to the many changes in Project Blue Books names, I will refer to it as Project Blue Book before it transitions to Beam

1947: Roswell Incident the Roswell Incident on Wikipedia

Roswell Army Air Field issue a press release stating that they have recovered a “flying disc”. The Army quickly retracted the statement and said instead that the crashed object was a conventional weather balloon (later described as a ‘surveillance balloon’) in order to defuse the panic amongst the general public.

Incidentally, the most recent sightings were also called ‘surveillance balloons’ by the US government. There was first a ‘Chinese surveillance balloon’ followed by 3 other sightings, one after the other over the span of 3 days. Initially there were reports of them being ‘cylindrical’, ‘grey’ and ‘the size of a car’ – eventually President Biden issued a statement saying that they were all just balloons. Strange how when Project Blue Beam starts to be taking shape in 2023, the exact same explanation is given that was used when mainstream media covered the only known UFO recovery in Roswell, 1947. I suspect this has some sort of symbolical meaning.

1947: Project Blue Book (not Beam) is established by the US Air Force, the covert systematic study of UFO. Project Blue Book Official Military Records (it has various names as described earlier but for the purpose of this entry I will just use Project Blue Beam)

After becoming aware after Roswell that there are definitely aliens observing us from UFO, the military set up Project Blue Book in order to collect data regarding UFO’s. They gradually come to the belief that although aliens are observing us, they are generally quite peaceful and do not wish us any harm.

1953: Classified CIA document (now declassified) and submitted by former United States Director of Central Intelligence, Walter B Smith, details how UFO could be used as ‘psychological warfare’. Declassified CIA documents regarding UFO being used for psychological warfare

After 6 years of collecting data, and more UFO sightings happening and being recorded, they still maintain the belief that aliens are not a threat to humanity. But they see how the public react to UFO stories and realise that the effect UFO has on the human psyche could be used for psychological warfare. People are scared of the unknown, and this not only includes the public, but also nations. Thus, the concept of a fake alien invasion being used to bring in a New World Order is born. Walter B Smith then issues CIA document regarding the use of UFO being used for psychological warfare.

1955: Area 51 is built Area 51 on Wikipedia

Area 51 is built and is used to analyse recovered UFO craft and attempt to rebuild earth-made versions of said craft using reverse-engineering. The intention is to build craft which appear as UFO to be used in psychological warfare, and possibly for future intelligence operations intended to cause mass hysteria and then orchestrate events intended to bring about social change and potentially New World Order.

1969: Project Blue Book is terminated Project Blue Book on Wikipedia

The collection and analysation of data has now been completed and the shadow-elite know what their plans are – to use UFO as a means to create a fake alien invasion which will eventually give them the ability to usher in a New World Order.

1969: Project Blue Beam is established

The fake-alien invasion project is given a name – Project Blue Beam (the ‘sequel’ if you will, to Project Blue Book)

1975: Disinfo Agent #1: U.S military intelligence Serviceman Gene Roddenberry writes a script for a Star Trek film which has an alien in it who presents himself as God, but the film is never made. It is later described in the book ‘Gene Roddenberry’ – the Myth and the Man Behind Star Trek

Gene Roddenbury is given the task of planting the false religious-figure theory in amongst the public consciousness. This is the pre-cursor to Monasts later disinfo leak. He writes the script which is planned to be used for film but it never makes it onto the screen.

Gene Roddenberry – Creator of Star Trek

Whilst the shadow-elite attempt to plant disinfo, genuine info is also being leaked elsewhere, firstly Wernher von Braun:

1977: German and American aerospace engineer and space architect Wernher von Braun spends last few months of his life with cancer explaining to Dr Carol Rosin that an ‘alien card’ is going to be played by the government and that ‘it is all a big lie’ Dr Carol Rosin talks about ‘the alien card’

Wernher Von Braun knows the reality of the operation and starts to disclose it to his friend Dr Rosin, who take his word as truth. Not long later, he passes away.

Wernher Von Braun aka ‘The Father of NASA’

Then comes the presidential foreshadowing:

1987: President Reagan explains at a United Nations meeting “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.” And “Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond.” 3 Ronald Reagan speeches talking about how an alien threat could bring the worlds countries together

Reagan also knows the truth and discloses the basis of it as a foreshadowing of future events as instructed by the powers that be – which we all know by now that the shadow-elite love to do.

Ex US President Ronald Reagan

1991: Bush SR gives a speech where he states “What is at stake, is more than one small country – it is a big idea – a New World Order where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause.. to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind – peace and security, freedom and the rule of law.. out of these humble times, our fifth objective – the New World Order – can emerge, [and] now we can see a new world coming into view. A world in which there is a very real prospect of a New World Order” Bush SR gives a speech regarding nations being drawn together with the ultimate objective to form a New World Order

Bush SR then gives a similar speech (minus the aliens) on September 11th 1991 for further foreshadowing and symbolic purposes (additionally this speech is given exactly 10 years before 9/11 – I suspect this was also done symbolically.)

Ex US President George Bush Sr

1991: Ex Military Serviceman William B Cooper starts to talk about about the future fake alien invasion, an example of this is here

Bill Cooper claims to have literally seen the government documents regarding PBB but does not add any disinfo – this is a genuine whistleblower.

Ex Military Serviceman Bill Cooper

1991: Disinfo Agent #2: Janet Morris who has worked as a consultant to the Defence Department, the CIA and the NSA joins the USGSC to create the Non-Lethality Policy Review Group, led by Major General Chris S. Adams, United States Air Force. Janet Morris publishes numerous white papers in 1991, detailing the USGSC’s non-lethal war doctrine proposals. The papers promoted diversifying and expanding non-lethal weapon capability for use in increased American intervention in global conflicts. Later in life, she describes these non-lethal weapons as holograms. Janet Morris on Wikipedia

In 1991 Janet Morris is not a disinfo agent but she works within the government on non-lethal weapons (holograms) later on in life her role is changed to a disinfo agent. Planted by the shadow-elite, her purpose is to talk about holograms in the public domain – specifically religious holograms. Her role is changed in 2004 which I will come to later.

CIA & NSA Consultant Janet Morris

1994: Canadian journalist Serge Monast releases the book Project Blue Beam, explaining Project Blue Beam theory and how it ultimately ends in a fake alien invasion which will be used to usher in a new world order and spends the next two years giving lectures and interviews on the topic The Definitive Guide to Project Blue Beam

I believe some time around the early 90s, the shadow-elite became aware that there was the possibility of the real Project Blue Beam being leaked. As a result of this, they planted CIA Disinfo agent Serge Monast into the political landscape. Monast had some elements of the truth in his theory but was given instructions to add disinfo to the concept in order to discredit it if it is ever brought up in the future – thus multiple elements were added to the theory. Should anyone mention Project Blue Beam in the future – they would not be taken seriously by most of the public.

I believe once they had planted Monast into the public with the false Project Blue Beam, they then changed the name. Obviously it’s impossible to know what it was changed to, so in my future blogs I will be referring to it as Project Unknown.

Serge Monast

1996: The police arrest Serge Monast for home-schooling his children, and take his daughter away. The following day, Serge Monast is released from jail and suspiciously dies of what is reported as a heart attack. Serge Monast on Wikipedia

Once the disinfo is planted, the CIA decide to ‘off’ Serge Monast. Serge Monast’s purpose has been served, and he is effectively killed by ‘the powers that be.’ As is his Irish counterpart.

2001: William B Cooper dies in a shootout with Apache County sheriffs after evading an arrest warrant for 3 years. Milton William Cooper on Wikipedia

Bill Cooper is assassinated by the powers-that-be for leaking genuine info.

2004 (approx): Janet Morris (who worked on the non-lethal weapons/holograms with the USGSC) appears on British television talking in depth about how the holograms could be used to project Jesus, the devil, or UFO’s into the sky. 2004 is also the last record of her having any employment within governmental agencies. Janet Morris on British television in mid 2000s

Janet Morris adds more disinfo to the public domain and once her purpose is served, she is discharged from the CIA. I’m unsure why Morris is spared, I assume she has a higher ranking than Monast or is commended for her loyalty after serving for three decades working for governmental agencies. She is a think-tank and advisor to multiple entities, rather than Monast who was simply a journalist/ disinfo agent.

2009: Dr Carol Rosin gives speech at UFO disclosure project explaining her conversations with Wernher von Braun. Dr Carol Rosin talks about ‘the alien card’

Dr Carol Rosin continues to leak real info regarding PBB but is also spared by the CIA. I suspect this is because she did it publically at the UFO disclosure project (as well as some documentaries) since she has been in the public eye for some time, her death would be very suspect and would get people talking about the possibility of a fake-alien invasion seriously within the public domain again.

All disinfo agents have now been murdered or silenced, and genuine leakers have been murdered or spared: PBB is ready for action, and the 2020s are about to commence:

2020-2022: MSM start to report on multiple UFO sightings, the government start to admit the existence of UFO’s and the true extent of reported sightings, UFO’s are renamed ‘UAP’s’, Netflix release multiple UFO documentaries, Joe Rogan has ex Servicemen on his podcast admitting they’ve seen UAP’s in American airspace and ex President Barak Obama admits on live TV that UFO exist. Harvard Scientist Robert Duncan talks about Project Blue Beam on the Koncrete Podcast which has since been removed from the YouTube channel but has been reuploaded here. He talks about it as though he’s absolutely certain it was a real thing, but then says “I don’t think they’ll do it now because it was leaked” – then 2023 happens…

One of thousands of UFO reports in the media since 2020


February 2023: 1 ‘surveillance balloon’ shot down, 3 UFO’s shot down in the same locations the balloon passed through in the space of 3 days – new reports now say that the balloon was heading in the direction of Hawaii where a huge wall of green lasers was seen on the same day the balloon was spotted. (Let’s be clear that the 3 UFO’s were all originally reported as ‘cylindrical’ and ‘the size of a car’ – not balloons.) 5 trains derailed (3 releasing chemical spills), 3 cell companies down, 4 social media platforms down and 3 government buildings lose electricity at the same time. Eight countries pull all of their ambassadors out of Turkey 24 hours before a giant earthquake hits. Huge 5 acre warehouse fire in Florida. US Blackhawk helicopter crashes in Alabama. Other multiple earthquakes worldwide happening at an increased frequency as well as areas which are never normally hit by quakes, such as Romania. Increased frequency of UFO sightings worldwide.

The final nail in the coffin for me was when the symbolism in White Noise started to be noticed by my piers. The combination of multiple pieces of symbology combined with various foreshadowing is the calling-card of the shadow-elite. There is no way that film contained numerous predictions and symbology by pure chance. I believe in the future, White Noise will be known as the pre-cursor to what will eventually be the fake-alien invasion. I also expect new coming events to also align with the film, and most probably also other films in the future.

White Noise foreshadowed the last 12 months perfectly, please see my White Noise article for an extensive breakdown on this topic

The psychological war has begun, and the alien war is upon us.

I expect the events of early 2023 to increase gradually through this year, and that there will be some big event at the end of this year. I will detail my expected forecast in a moment.

The Coming Years

Here is my expected forecast for the coming years

  • 2023 September-November: big event
  • 2024 Huge event on a colossal scale
  • 2025 Fake-alien invasion seems imminent
  • 2026 Fake-alien invasion starts
  • 2027 All nations unite to fight invasion
  • 2028 War against the invasion
  • 2029 War against the invasion continues
  • 2030 War against the invasion continues
  • 2031 War against the invasion continues
  • 2032 War against the invasion continues
  • 2033 War ends, fake-alien invasion is defeated
  • 2034 Nations gather to arrange and sign treaty
  • 2035 New World Order starts

*This is just a rough estimate based on my expectations

(Please note that this blog is a work-in-progress – I will be adding additional info to the end of this post in due course – apologies for the abrupt ending)

The final chess piece move in the NWO plan

Project Unknown

So from now on I will be calling the fake-alien invasion Project Unknown. To continue calling it Project Blue Beam simply wouldn’t be right given what I’ve explained. And due to its previous 4 name changes before 1969, we can only assume it would have changed again since, especially after Monast most likely leaked the term in 1994 under instruction by the shadow-elite. After leaking the term and adding the disinfo, it wouldn’t make sense for them to keep the same name. I think considering the multiple previous name changes from 1947 to 1969, as well as the disinfo leak, we can be pretty sure that it will have undergone at least one other change and since it’s impossible to know what, I feel the best name for the project now is Project Unknown.

And finally

I know that many people will be against me for this theory and I may even cause more disharmony than actual harmony, but based on all the information I’ve gathered and assessed, this seems the most plausible explanation of the events of the last century. I am sure that a fake-alien invasion is coming, and based on my analysis, the events as I’ve explained them seem to be the most possible scenario. Honestly, I hope I’m wrong, because if I’m right, the next few years are going to be far from easy.

Many thanks for reading, ,

Yours sincerely,

Cantona Lynx 1084

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