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I have just reached 99 posts on my blog. For my 100th post, I am planning to do a comprehensive blog which will break-down and link numerous hoaxes, false flags and staged events which have occured over the last century. It will take me a while, so please bare with me. But my intention is […]

The Symbolic Relevance of the Twin Towers, the First and Second Temples, The Washington Square Arch and the Arch of Titus…..

In this post I will explain how the destruction of the Twin Towers were a symbolic reference to the destruction of the first and second temples of Jerusalem. Before we continue, it’s important to note that the first temple, King Solomons temple, is referred to during Masonic rituals. The following text is fact-checked and taken directly from Wikipedia: “Freemasonry […]

A New Theory Never Examined Before….. The £20 Note… The Chocolate-Cream Biscuit Killer, The Insanity Of William Edmunds, And The Mystery At Margate Pier…..

In this post I will detail something that as far as I know, no one was ever before realised. It is the apparent occult symbology of the Margate Lighthouse, featured on the £20 note…. Firstly, before we get started, the note itself features William Turner, and a self portrait by him from 1799 pictured to […]

The NASA Whistle-blower Who Leaked Intel that a Fake Alien Invasion was Being Planned by the Powers that be

For anyone sceptical of fake alien invasion theory (FAIT), please forget about it’s associations with holograms. The only person who ever theorised that the fake alien invasion would include holograms was Serge Monast. A lot of people these days who hear about fake alien invasion theory immediately think of his theory Project Blue Beam. I have various theories […]

Fact-checked Project Blue Beam Events with Links (All Accounts by Government and Military Personnel Only)

Below is a chronological breakdown of all fact-checked information supporting Project Blue Beam theory over the past century. It does not contain any speculation, numerological or symbolical observations and sticks as closely as possible to what we know. All of the below information has come directly from military and governmental personnel, or has been sourced […]

Was the Term ‘WOKE’ so Powerful that it was Hijacked by the CIA and Replanted Amongst the Far-Left’s Consciousness to Birth a New Form of Social Divide?

Before 2014, the term to “stay woke” wasn’t something the general public had heard much about. But black communities in the US were using it a lot — the concept of staying “woke” simply meant to stay alert as a basic survival tactic in an ever-growing hostile sociological climate. But in 2014, when Michael Brown […]

Evidence Suggests UFO’s in Film Have Been Used To Pre-Programme and Brainwash the Public Into Believing Whatever Narrative Suits the Current Agenda

I have produced this document using the registered list of extra-terrestrials films available on wiki. As you can see from the below details, it seems that the concept of UFO’s being fictional is especially increased when it suits the agenda, and then decreased when it doesn’t, whilst at the same time increasing or decreasing MSM […]

Chronological Breakdown of Fact-Checked UFO Documentation and Events Supporting Project Blue Beam Theory Over the Past Century

Below is a chronological breakdown of all fact-checked information supporting Project Blue Beam theory over the past century. It does not contain any speculation, numerological or symbolical observations and sticks as closely as possible to what we know. All of the below information has come directly from military and governmental personnel, or has been sourced […]

A Possible Explanation for the UFO=UPA Terminology Change in the Past 2 Years – Project Blue Beam Pre-Programming

As many of you will also believe, there are most likely such thing as aliens and UFO’s, but they do not pose any threat to national security, nor worldwide security for that matter. Any genuine alien UFO visits have most probably been simply ‘observation visits’ or ‘data collection’. This is a conversation that a lot […]

President Ronald Reagan at a UN Meeting in 1987 Talking Specifically About How an Alien Threat Would Bring the Worlds Countries Together – Project Blue Beam

Here is a video of President Ronald Reagan talking at various meetings in the 80s about the concept of alien attack uniting the worlds countries, one of them – the second, is him talking about this at a United Nations meeting in 1987. I will post further analysis on this video in due course. Please […]

Close Encounters of the Third Kind Scene 23 – Apparent Project Blue Beam Symbolism Hidden in the 1977 Film

This week, after many strange happenings such as multiple reports of the US military shooting UFO’s out of the sky, train derailments, power outages, social media platforms down, and cel services down, people are starting to wonder what’s going, and are suggesting that it is the start of Project Blue Beam. But why train derailments […]

A Thorough and Detailed Account of the Project Blue Beam Theory, Proposed by Journalist Serge Monast in the 90s

Before reading this post, I urge you to read The Definitive Guide To Project Blue Beam first, which can be found here. Once you’ve read that guide, you may want to read the following article for further context. What I personally believe regarding Serge Monast’s Project Blue Beam Theory.. I believe that Monast’s version of Project Blue […]

Project Blue Beam – A Thorough Breakdown of U2’s New Advert for their ‘Achtung Baby’ Gig Which Happens Later This Year

U2 released this video yesterday on 13th February 2023 which seems to possibly be predictive programming containing multiple subliminal messages preparing us for Project Blue Beam. It was conveniently shown during the Super Bowl and on the 3rd day of a string of UFO reports. The video in question can be seen here: First of […]

In 1988, Demolition (Ax and Smash) Faced The Twin Towers (Akeem And The Big Boss Man) At a WWE Event. This Poster Was Raised By A Fan…

Just another incredible case of 9/11 foreshadowing. At a Wrestle Mania event in 1988, the tag team ‘Demolition’ (Ax and Smash) faced ‘The Twin Towers’ (Akeem And The Big Boss Man) below I will upload a poster which was raised by a fan… What are the chances of this happening by chance? I’d definitely like […]

Here’s A Screenshot Of The Short Video Clip That Was Televised Worldwide When The US Air Force Left Afghanistan. Note That Everywhere Outside Of The US Uses The Date Format DD/MM/YY

When US Air Forces left Afghanistan, this was the image that was shown worldwide, one of the last US Air Force jets leaving Afghanistan. Seems innocent, no? Well, maybe that would be the case, if the one of the last jets to leave Afghanistan, that was televised worldwide, didn’t have the 9/11 date in worldwide […]

When I Make An ‘Error’

I spend a lot of time researching and documenting conspiracy theories. Sometimes, albeit rarely, I will make an error. For example, recently, I made a post of a Vice magazine article that featured Beavis and Butthead flying into the Twin Towers dressed as Al-Qaeda. I posted this as an example of 9/11 foreshadowing. This post […]

101 Conspiracies – My Next Project

Due to the (small) success of my posts and blogs, I am planning to set up a new site called ‘101 Conspiracies’ – within this new site, I will detail a comprehensive breakdown of the most-known, and some lesser-known conspiracies. Each post will explain each and every conspiracy in as much detail possible, with no […]

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