King Charles III’s First Coin And The Non-Existent Tomb Of The Alien Queen Nefertiti

In this article I will explain the possible connection between King Charles III’s first issued coin, released earlier this year, and the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, the possibility she was an alien, and the search for her non-existent tomb.

First of all, please allow me to explain exactly who Nefertiti was…

Queen Nefertiti

During 1353–1336 B.C, The Egyptian queen Nefertiti and her husband Amenhotep IV led a religious revolution in Egypt. The revolution was, that instead of paying homage to the 2000+ Egyptian Gods, they would introduce the religion of a single divine Being; one God, a sun God: called Aten.

It was explained by the royal couple that Aten was the only God and that he could see into the hearts and minds of every worshiper. And in exchange for a worshippers loyalty to Aten, the worshippers would receive His blessings.

Does any of this sound familiar? A one true God, that can see into your heart and mind, and if you are loyal to him, you will receive his blessings…. monotheism, anyone?

So, how and where did Nefertiti and Amenhotep learn of this ‘one true God’? How would they have this other-worldly knowledge?

King Amenhotep and Queen Nefertiti

Well, the theory goes that Nefertiti was in fact, an alien. I know, sounds ridiculous, but stick with me on this….

  1. The Egyptian hieroglyphs from this era illustrate Nefertiti and Amenhotep as having unique relationships with Aten. According to a variety of these pyramid-sourced texts, the royal couple appear to have departed from the Earth for periods of time

  2. There are similar texts showing their many returns to Earth. Due to this, it appears that either Nefertiti, Amenhotep, or both of these influential people were possibly extra-terrestrials. The reason that people believe Nefertiti is most likely to be the alien is because no one has found any records that her parents ever existed.
  3. The Queen and King had unique physical appearances when compared to the people of their time. Their specific features included more full hips, protruding bellies, thinner faces, and elongated facial features, plus the most remarkable aspect, elongated, cone-like skulls. These types of skulls had not appeared previous to their reign, nor since.
  4. In the past decade, DNA samples were taken from several Egyptian pharaohs. Given the unusual prevalence of the CXPAC5 gene in Amenhotep’s mummy, there has been speculation that his genes may have been manipulated before his reign as Pharaoh.
  5. Given that this gene is responsible for cortex growth, it would suggest that Amenhotep’s cranium housed a larger-than-normal cortex. When this idea is added to the questions surrounding the elongation of Nefertiti’s and Amenhotep’s skull, it provokes further curiosity.
  6. For a very long time, Nefertiti and Amenhotep were considered to be the parents of Tutankhamun. Yes, the most famous Egyptian king of all time. This theory has recently been questioned due to a genetic study made on various mummies, but if Nefertiti and Amenhotep were indeed the parents of King Tut, that would make a lot of sense.

Below you can see an Egyptian depiction of Amenhotep, Nefertiti and their three daughters under the the solar disc of Aten which was found at a house in Amarna (see how they all have elongated skulls – Nefertiti does have a long crown on in this depiction but the rest of the family are clearly bearing elongated craniums.)

Here’s also an Egyptian statue of Nefertiti which has been recast in bronze:

And here’s an Egyptian limestone portrait of one of their daughters, circa 1345bc, also with an elongated skull:

Egyptian historical records have a problem though, when talking about Nefertiti, because there is a point where she just seems to completely disappear, and no one knows exactly where to. For years people have been trying to find her tomb. But of course, it has never been found…. why?

Because… there isn’t one. She simply came to earth, implanted her DNA within the human race, changed the religion of the Egyptians to that of a monotheistic God, and returned from whence she came…

But that of course hasn’t stopped humanity from searching for the tomb, and it hasn’t stopped MSM reporting on it, either.

So, let’s fast forward now, to the past 8 years which has been riddled with stories about how they think they may have found the tomb, then they haven’t, and then they have again….

In 2015, Egyptologists started to become convinced that a secret chamber could be hidden within Tuts chamber, and that it could possibly be Nefertitis tomb…..

A graphic depicting possible hidden rooms

Thermal scan shows a possible hidden chamber

But later, in 2018, ‘new research’ decided that the secret hidden chamber was ‘simply not there’

BBC article regarding the hidden chamber not existing:

So, by this point, everyone had finally decided that the secret chamber did not exist and everyone was ready to stop hoping for the discovery of Nefertiti’s tomb.


Then last year, in September of 2022, due to hidden hieroglyphics within Tutankhamuns burial chamber, Egyptologists were again starting to believe that it may in fact contain a secret door to Nefertitis tomb…

Egyptologists say that drawings on the walls appear to have been altered

The Guardian posted an article about it which you can see here:

But of course, regardless of what they say, you can be rest assured, they ain’t gonna find that tomb because it simply does not exist. Nefertiti never died, she simply left earth.

Now, imagine the delight of the shadow-elite, possible inheritors of secret Egyptian knowledge, when they see us mere mortals trying our hardest to find this tomb that doesn’t even exist. I bet they love it when they hear a new story about the hopeless hunt for the tomb of an alien queen.

Egyptologists hunting for Nefertiti’s tomb

Who would be one of the inheritors of this secret Egyptian knowledge? Who would be rolling around laughing at us while we endure this pointless quest?

None other than the new successor to Queen Elizabeth II’s throne, King Charles III.

How weird then would it be, if I told you that the first ever coins to depict the image of King Charles III, released earlier this year, just after a new story hits the press about the possible whereabouts of a non-existent tomb, were all dedicated to the Egyptians, and more specifically, King Tuts tomb?

And not only that, the whole thing is absolutely riddled with Freemasonic numerology?

Sidenote: For those not familiar with Freemasonic numerology, the highest rank of Freemason is the 33rd degree. The choice of this number is due to it’s highly spiritual qualities. Freemasons hide 33 symbolically within their ‘work’ for occult reasons which I will soon break down in a more detailed post.

Without further ado, please allow me to explain the Freemasonic numerology hidden within the first release of King Charles III coins:

The following screenshot is taken directly for the Westminster site:


As you can see, the title reads:

“JUST 995 Worldwide – the FIRST (1st) 50p to feature the King Charles III (3) effigy”

Allow me to break down the Freemasonic numerology:

(995 worldwide) 9+9+5 = 23

(50p) 50


(King Charles III) 37-3=34

(the 1st 50p to feature KCIII) 34-1=33


But that’s just the start of it….

Now let’s go to the Westminster Blog regarding this coin:

As you can see here, the text reads:

“November 4th 1922, in Thebes, Egypt, English archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the greatest treasure in Egyptology. The tomb of ancient Egyptian King Tutankhamun.

The excavation was slow and cautious. It wasn’t until 16th February 1923 that the third doorway was opened, revealing the Burial Chamber.”

Allow me to break down the Freemasonic numerology regarding the supposed opening of the burial chamber:



Yep, 33 AGAIN

They’re making quite a big thing of this, not only are they producing the one Tutankhamun coin, they’re producing 5 in total:

If we take a look at the date the coin was released (January 19th 2023), and use the numerology of the 5 coins, we get:

January(1) +

(19th) 1+19= 20 +

(2023) +2+2+3= 27 +

(5 coins) 27+5=32 +

(1st release) 32+1=33


Yes siree, 33 again…

The blog follows on to say:

“Each 50p in this FIVE-coin set has been struck from 925/1000 Silver to a pristine Proof finish. What’s more, with the addition of 24ct Gold-plating, it comes protectively housed in a deluxe presentation box.”

50p (5+0)=5+

(925/1000) +9+2+5+1=22+

(24ct Gold) +2+4=28+

(5 coins) +5=33



And then:

“These covers will be officially postmarked by the Royal Mail on the 16th February 2023 – the 100th anniversary of the Opening of the Tomb.

And with ONLY 495 of these covers available worldwide, many collectors are sure to miss out.”

(16th Feb(2) 2023)


(ONLY 495)




Coincidence? I doubt it.

Now, I’m sure that some people might think that this link between the two is a reach. But given the amount of clear Freemasonic numerology hidden within the release of these coins, combined with the fact that Egyptologists have just in September of last year claimed that they have reason to believe they again know where Nefertiti’s tomb is (a tomb that clearly doesn’t exist) – I don’t think it’s that much of a stretch to say that these two stories are linked.

And just to add to the coincidences, when was the first image of an example press of King Charles III by the Royal Mint released on the internet? September of last year.

I think it’s worth keeping your eyes and ears pealed, and if you have any other information regarding Nefertiti’s ‘tomb’ or King Charles III’s coins, please feel free to share it with me. I’d be interested to hear what you have to say.

And to finish, I leave these final Egyptian depictions of Nefertiti with you to have a look at…

Thanks for reading,

Cantona Lynx 1084

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