White Noise – The Craziest Coincidence Thus Far? – Possible Project Blue Beam Pre-Programming

Update: you will find an even more detailed breakdown of White Noise here.

If you have been following my recent blogs, you will be aware that people are suspecting this last week has been the official start of Project Blue Beam. The events that have unfolded include multiple strange happenings and coincidences, including the shooting down of 3 UFO by the US Military. There have also been train derailments, cel towers going down, social media platforms going down, power outages, numerological coincidences (everything happening in 3’s – see the 33 degrees of Freemasonry), a large increase in Earthquake frequency worldwide and now, apparent pre-programming and symbolism being spotted in historical and current media. The following is a breakdown of the craziest coincidence of them all – the White Noise train derailment. Once you’ve read this blog, please make sure you check out my other blog which is about another possible piece of Project Blue Beam pre-programming. The train derailment which leads to a chemical gas release in the 23rd scene of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Yes, the alien-abduction film from the 70’s.

Anyway, onto White Noise..

First of all, let’s quickly look at something definitely peculiar about the book White Noise, which the film is based on (Don DeLillo 1985)

Strangely enough, White Noise takes place in 1984. I probably don’t need to remind you that there was a book written by Orson Wells called 1984, which is about dystopian fascism and is regularly used as a reference to things that seem to be taking place today. The main character, Jack, also has an obsession with Hitler and is the chairman of Hitler studies at the College-on-the-Hill (and we all know what Hitlers intentions were…)

On Friday nights, Jack and his family gather in front of the TV set not to watch movies or sitcoms, but to watch disasters happen on the news — floods, mud slides, erupting volcanoes and, you guessed it – earthquakes. They’re transfixed, because “every disaster made us wish for more, for something bigger, grander, more sweeping.” Says Jacks colleague, Siskind.

Another colleague later tells Jack that this is because “we’re suffering from brain fade. We need an occasional catastrophe to break up the incessant bombardment of information.” that statement now, in February 2023, during the madness that currently ensues, really hits home.

Other strange things happen throughout the novel, some of which pop up in the movie, too. Jack can’t really believe that a disaster would happen to him because he is a middle-class college professor, not the kind of person that suffers disasters. He has been lost in his own little world, feeling indestructible to outside events. Now, finally, the events are happening to him.

The book itself proves to hold many more references to current sociological issues and apparent future impending-doom than the film, and to be honest, I think the film actually loses a lot of what the books message effectively managed to convey. Still, the film was based on the book for a reason – because there was a message that the films creators wanted to bring to the audience… a book written in 1985 – remade and repackaged – and projected straight into the consciousness of 2021, seemingly preparing us for the mind-boggling events of 2023.

But, most importantly, one part of the film that I must mention before we move along any further, is this part of dialogue between Jack and his son, when they are first talking about the possible effects of the chemical cloud:

“It doesn’t cause nausea, vomiting, or shortness of breath like they said before” Heinrich

“What does it cause?” Jack
“Heart palpitations… and a sense of déjà vuHeinrich

Déjà vu?!.. come onnn” Jack
“It effects the false part of the human brain, or whatever” Heinrich

Let’s remind ourselves what déjà vu is – its when something happens and you believe it’s happened before, like you’ve already experienced it. Well, what relevance could this possibly have to real life, I wonder?

Well, the next part of White Noise will perhaps clear that up now..

About half way through White Noise, a train carrying toxic chemicals gets into an accident and is derailed, unleashing fumes that create an “airborne toxic event.” This chemical spill requires everyone nearby to evacuate the area and seek shelter far from the crash.

Then, how absolutely crazy is it that on February 4th 2023, in an instance of life imitating art (or vice-versa), a train carrying harmful chemicals derailed in the very same town used as the filming location for White Noise‘s on-screen crash.

Hmm…. almost like it’s happened before? In a film or a book, maybe?!

I almost thought I heard John McEnroe cry “You cannot be serious!!” For a second there. But really… seriously???

CNN reported how one resident from the town, Ben Ratner, had the crazy experience of having to evacuate his own home this week, just as he had also done a couple years ago as an extra in White Noise.

“The first half of the movie is almost exactly what’s going on here!” Ben Ratner told CNN, adding that the parallels between real life and the movie are “uncanny.”

To me, this all certainly seems strange. Not only is does this film have a dystopian relevance, but then it’s events suddenly happen in real life just over a year later during the one week where everyone starts to believe Project Blue Beam has started. But the déjà vu reference? I mean, they’re just taking the cake here, surely.

Well shiver me timbers, if it isn’t our old friend Mr Coincidence rearing his ugly head once again….

Most concerningly, we hear this spoken by a homeless man in the shelter, exactly half way through the film:

“Nothing on network, not a word, not a picture,

On the Glassboro channel, we rate 52 words, by actual count.

No film footage, no live report, does this thing happen so often? That nobody cares….

We were scared to death! We left our homes… drove through a rainstorm… we saw that deadly spectre….


Are they telling us it was insignificant? Are they telling us this is just television? DONT THEY KNOW, ITS REAL??!!!

Shouldn’t the streets be, crawling with camera and reporters? Shouldn’t we be yelling out the window at them “leave us alone! We’ve been through enough already!

Haven’t we earnt the right to despise their idiot questions??!!

Look at us in this place…. we are QUARANTINED!

Like leppers in medieval times. Everything we loved and worked for is under serious threat…even if there hasn’t been a great loss of life… don’t we deserve attention for our suffering? OUR TERROR?



I saw this before.”

“saw what before?” Says Jack

” You were standing there, I was standing here. Your features incredibly sharp and clear. It all happened before…. hissing in the pipes. The tiny little hairs standing out in your pores. That identical look on your face.”

“What look?”



Get ready guys, this is just the beginning.

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