Close Encounters of the Third Kind Scene 23 – Apparent Project Blue Beam Symbolism Hidden in the 1977 Film

This week, after many strange happenings such as multiple reports of the US military shooting UFO’s out of the sky, train derailments, power outages, social media platforms down, and cel services down, people are starting to wonder what’s going, and are suggesting that it is the start of Project Blue Beam. But why train derailments during this time? Could there possibly be some sort of symbolism involved?

Well, the first hugely popular film about aliens and UFO’s that gained huge interest from the public was Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which was released in 1977. In the 23rd scene of that film, there is a train disaster which leads to a dangerous chemical gas being released near Devils Tower in Wyoming.

Seems strange that some of the train derailments this week have also led to dangerous chemicals being released. A very strange coincidence indeed, especially since people are starting to wonder if this week is the start of Project Blue Beam. Here is a breakdown of scene 23 from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Scene 23

  • Roy is a sweaty, muddy mess after building a huge plateau-looking sculpture in his living room.
  • After a quick commercial from our sponsors—Budweiser, the beer of choice for UFO-obsessed recluses the world over—a news broadcast comes on TV.
  • The anchorman reports on a train disaster that’s released a dangerous chemical gas near Devils Tower, Wyoming. Devils Tower looks suspiciously like the sculpture Roy’s constructed.
  • Roy gets a phone call from Ronnie, and he agrees to do whatever it takes to get the family back together.
  • Meanwhile, the audience is seeing Devils Tower on TV (with Roy’s sculpture in the shot at the same time) and we’re screaming at Roy to look at it.
  • After an eternity (it seems), Roy turns his attention to the news broadcast and notices Devils Tower. He has a shock of recognition.
  • So does Jillian. She’s also watching the TV and recognizes Devils Tower as the same mountain she’s been obsessively drawing for weeks. A look of relief and joy comes over her face. She seems to know that Barry will be there.

Devils Tower, as well. If the Illuminati were going to pick an event in a film to recreate for Project Blue Beam symbolism, this would definitely be it.

Things are already getting weirder; much, much weirder.

Hold tight folks, I sincerely doubt that this is the end of the weirdness.


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