Remember when CC Lyles called her husband from flight 93 during 9/11 and whispered “it’s a frame” ?

Please listen until the very end, she whispers “it’s a frame” just as she replaces the handset… I will soon be breaking down every part of this voicemail in a step-by-step analysation so that you can fully understand why this message raises more questions than what it answers. For the time being, I encourage you to listen to it and scrutinize it yourself so that you are able to draw your own conclusions…

2 thoughts on “Remember when CC Lyles called her husband from flight 93 during 9/11 and whispered “it’s a frame” ?

  1. Her name CeeCee Lyles throws up immediate red flags for me. C ( 3 ) C ( 3 ) and you’ve got the sound ” Lie ” in her name. I also would like point out that the number 11 shows up frequently throughout the world trade center ritual. Both towers had 110 floors. September 11th is the 254th day of the year 2+5+4= 11. It also leaves 111 days left in the year. (A)merican (A)irlines = A = 1 A= 1. Or 11. Flight 11 had 11 crew members and 92 passengers 9+2= 11. United airlines 175 had a total of 65 passengers 6+5=11. George bush stood for a photo op next to a fire fighter with then numbers 164 on his helmet 1+6+4=11. WTC 7 stood 47 floors high 4+7= 11. Also I would like to mention that the Masonic compass is set at 47°, and has to do with Uclids 47th problem. The core of each tower consisted of 47 steel beams. The ” Dust Lady ” = 110 and 47 in Gematria. That’s just the main points I found when researching this awhile back.

  2. Sorry also wanted to address that I believe it also had to do with the Roman God Janus. Janus in Gematria = 11. He’s also represents the first day in the first month 1/1. These are just my thoughts tho.

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