The Main Reasons People Believe Something Is Being Hidden In Antarctica

Here are just some of the main reasons people believe something is being hidden in Antarctica… for the time being, it is just a short post but I will be returning at a later date to write a full blog on this subject.

  1. Its highly protected by law and practically no one can go there unless they have a very good reason to go and permission from the right people.
  2. Satellite images have captured what could possibly be a pyramid albeit a small one. But many say this is just a rock formation. Of course, it’s impossible to know for sure because see point 1) no one can go there to check.
  3. Its similar to the ocean in that most of it remains untouched and undocumented officially yet we spend billions going into space. Would it not make sense to visit the unexplored parts of the ocean and Antarctica first? The Amazon would also fall into this category. Especially since there are most definitely tribes there we could possibly learn from (search: ‘Amazon tribe from helicopter’ for one example of a tribe who have never been in contact with the rest of humanity)
  4. The Rothschild’s have an island in the Antarctica called ‘Rothschild Island’ – Rothschild’s being one of the richest families in the world who have all sorts of ties to the elite and who get brought up a lot where conspiracy theories are concerned. The existence of this island is a fact, there’s also the theory they own a large part of Antarctica but as far as I know this in unproven.
  5. Another powerful family, the Rockefeller’s also own a part of the Antarctica called the Rockefeller Plateau. (Fact-checked)
  6. There is also an island called Deception Island (fact-checked)
  7. And another one called Omicron island (fact-checked)

It’s a strange one, indeed. I will return to explain in more detail in due course…

Thanks for reading,

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