All of my posts on Reddit have been recently force-downvoted and the link to my blog is killed

I used to get a substantial amount of upvotes and the link to my blog always used to work, without fail, everything worked as you’d expect it to.

If you look at all of my recent posts, I am constantly downvoted into the zeros and links to my blog no longer work.

This is not just paranoia, this is an obvious comparison between what used to happen and what happens now. I belief my information is clearly being supressed by Reddit because I spend an awful lot of time trying to expose the works of the occult and break things down in an easy-to-understand format.

If you find my link to my blog in a post, you will find that the link rarely works. The link is:

If that link does not work, I suggest copying and pasting it into a fresh browswer.

Unfortunately I am unable to do anything about the apparent voting manipulation. All I ask is that you please ignore my upvote ratio and review all my posts with an open mind and use your own critical thinking to determine your own opinion rather than the opinion they want you to use.

Regardless of all of this, I’m not excessively bothered, at least I know I’m doing something right.

Edit: It seems like they’ve now deleted my account. Please bookmark this blog if you would like to view my future posts as I will no longer be active on Reddit.

Thanks for reading,

Cantona Lynx 1084

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