Was the Term ‘WOKE’ so Powerful that it was Hijacked by the CIA and Replanted Amongst the Far-Left’s Consciousness to Birth a New Form of Social Divide?

Before 2014, the term to “stay woke” wasn’t something the general public had heard much about. But black communities in the US were using it a lot — the concept of staying “woke” simply meant to stay alert as a basic survival tactic in an ever-growing hostile sociological climate. But in 2014, when Michael Brown was notoriously killed in Missouri, “stay woke” suddenly became a warning of caution amongst Black Lives Matter activists on the streets, used for one thing and one thing only: to keep watch for the increasing police brutality and to be ready for the ‘men in blue’ at all costs.

Before 2014, it had actually been used on-and-off for a long time in the black community. The first recorded use of the term was actually in 1938, in the Lead Belly song ‘Scottsboro Boys’  The song details the 1931 story of a group of nine black teenagers in Scottsboro, Arkansas, who were accused of raping two white women. Lead Belly says at the end of an old recording of the song that he’d met with the Scottsboro defendants’ lawyer, who introduced him to the men themselves. “I made this little song about down there,” … “So I advise everybody, be a little careful when they go along through there — best stay woke, keep their eyes open.” And from that day, the word kept popping up in black culture, used in a similar way to how it was used by the Black Lives Matter movement – make sure you remain a socially conscious black American, and keep your eyes pealed – you never know what’s truly on the horizon when it comes to social inequality and false accusations.

Fast forward to 2018, and it had gradually developed into something else – the term ‘woke’ started to be used as a term for simply being conscious. For understanding reality and being able to rationally and logically break down what’s going on in the world. Being ‘awake’ – spiritually and mentally. The term was being used not only amongst the black community, but amongst all communities, And that, my friends, is a powerful concept. A single word that encapsulates everything a person should aim to be in such a twisted and f*cked up world, regardless of ethinicity – alert, ready, strong, focussed – and above all – AWARE.

Words are powerful, and this word had too much power. It was soon going to become the word used to describe the people who would lead the revolution. The people who knew what was going on. The people with their eyes wide open. And once you get a word that powerful that describes such people, which can be planted into the consciousness of every mind, body and soul… well, then the powers that be are going to have a big problem.

So at what point was it entirely hijacked by the far-left and turned into the cousin of ‘cancelled’? When was it turned into the term used to enforce a movement that takes liberalism to the extreme; that a man can compete in women’s sports and it’s absolutely fine, that classic franchises must be remade but with a female cast because hey, females can kill ghosts too! And that every advert ever made must have a white husband to a black wife because if they don’t then “THIS COMPANY MUST BE NAZIS!”

It’s incredibly hard to say when this happened. But it’s a damn shame that it did, because like I say, the term ‘woke’ truly had the potential for real change. And so, my friends, my theory is this – that the shadowy elite knew the power this word possessed… they knew the damage it could do… they knew the devastation it could cause to their precious little scheme. And so they hijacked it – planted some operatives online, sent some shills into student protests, fed some articles and reports to mainstream news – using the new definition of the term ‘woke’ – and suddenly, the potential the word had to cause a serious revolution suddenly transformed into a new reason for further social divide – the woke brigade vs everyone else.

And you know what? – It’s worked. And honestly, it p*sses me off. Because personally, I love people. Even these guys on the far-left. ..Why? They’re just people doing what they think is right. As we are, too. They have their opinions, and sometimes, honestly, I can see their arguments. I understand their thought processes, I see where they’re coming from, to a degree. Regardless if it’s about race, sexual preference, gender, whatever…. with such a huge multitude of differences combined with the complexities of the human mind, we were always going to have a couple disagreements here and there. But the problem isn’t even them. It was never them. The problem, my friends, is the ones who make this sh*t happen. The ones above us all – those sketchy little b*stards – the shadowy elite/ the deep state/ Illuminati/ NWO/ whatever the f*ck you want to call them…. THEY are the problem.

Don’t let them change you into something you’re not. Don’t let them turn us all against each other. We’re strong together as one people, divided we are weak – so, my friends; stay awake, stay alert, stay focussed, stay……. dare I say it? Nah, I won’t.

Just keep your wits about you because the things they do – they’re clever. And one day – if we’re not careful enough – they won’t be just dividing us, they will be starting a war between us. And the far-left isn’t who we need to be fighting, the people we need to be fighting, is them.

Cantona Lynx 1084

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  1. Reading your article has greatly helped me, and I agree with you. But I still have some questions. Can you help me? I will pay attention to your answer. thank you.

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