Neuralink – the Tech that will Divide Nations. An Elon Musk Invention Set To be Implemented in the Next Decade.

By now most of us will have heard of Neuralink – the Elon Musk tech that involves planting a device into the brain that will give the user the ability to see if he cannot see, and ears to hear if he cannot hear. Not in the biblical sense though, but rather the technological sense. If you can’t see, the chip can make you see, you can’t hear? No problem – now you can.

He also explained in a Joe Rogan podcast that it will give owners of the device the ability to ‘think’ to each other. Not talk to each other, no, but literally ‘think’ to each other. Immediately I start thinking of George Orwells 1984 and the concept of ‘thought crimes’ – personally I don’t want people reading my thoughts. Who does? I bet even Jesus himself would have kindly told you to “f*ck off” if you asked him to read his mind.

It will even give people the ability to download software into the mind. Language programs, encyclopaedias of knowledge, any academic book you can think of, instantly installed into the mind via the click of a button. No need to learn any more, all you need is a bank of money and voila – you’re a multilingual genius with the ability to read minds and, well, do pretty much anything you want to do so long as it involves your brain. Which, let’s face it, is a lot.

I know this all sounds like complete and utter nonsense, but the tech is most definitely here. He released a video not so long ago of a chimp who had had this chip installed ‘the chimp chip’ as I like to call it – this chimp was able to play the classic 70s computer game ‘Pong’ – WITH HIS MIND. Yes, this sh*t is most definitely real. You can see a video of it by clicking this link.

I hate to bring anagrams into this, but Neuralink is an anagram of ‘unlearn KI’ (unlearn knowledge & information) the reason I have to point this out is because a chip that makes you a genius doesn’t make you a genius, it makes you an idiot. The beauty of learning as a human is that you are learning new ways to optimise parts of the human brain, learning new ways to learn. Not pulling out your infinite wallet and simply saying “make me Einstein” – it parallels these guys who buy their degrees, who pay their ways into places of influence… the people who use money to climb the ladder, instead of the slave climbing the ladder to show the worthlessness of money. Who is the hero in this scenario? I’d rather be the brethren of the slave than the worshipper of the prince.

In my opinion, true knowledge isn’t actually something learnt. True knowledge is wisdom, and it doesn’t come from the mind, it comes from the heart. A true wiseman channels something deep within his soul and extends it into the consciousness of the world, he doesn’t find that kind of knowledge in the pages of a book, he finds it in the fabric of his innermost being.

Eventually, Elon says, people will be able to upload their consciousness into a super-computer before they die so that it can be possibly downloaded in the future to achieve immortality. Well, f*ck me, I can’t think of anything worse. There’s a reason humans tend to die in their 80s and 90s – it’s because they’ve had enough of this sh*t. Living forever? You know what, you can have that for yourself Mr Musk, cos I aint interested.

And this is where we’re going to have problems. There will be two types of people – much like the ‘vaxxers’ and ‘anti-vaxxers’. There will be the ‘chippers’ and the ‘anti-chippers.’ Because some of us believe this vessel shouldn’t be adjusted; that it is to be kept organic, untainted, ‘au naturale’ – (in the biological sense of course, not the physical, because that would be weird.)

And suddenly, we’re going to have people who are highly advanced psychologically, who really, we won’t be able to f*ck with on an intellectual level if they’re talking about the complexities of rocket science or the mind-boggling depths of quantum mechanics.

But when it comes to being a human, and doing as humans do, we will always have the upper hand. We will be the real ones. The ones who didn’t give in to the temptations of what was promised – which is the opportunity to effectively become a cyborg. Literally defined as: ‘being made of both organic and biomechatronic body parts’ – a hybrid, in other words. Nah, I aint into that. I’ll stick with my brain as it is, thanks.

But then again, I said this about the smart phone. I hated these things, for a long time. And honestly, I still do. This stuff pulls us away from all that is real and it drags us into a world of all that is fake. Sure, it has it’s benefits, sure, it’s cool. But there’s something about it that just doesn’t feel right. It pulls us away from the common core of everything that is beautiful in this world and it connects us into a fake dimension that’s just, well, soulless, lifeless and above all: dead.

But they’ve made it so it’s almost impossible to live without it. Not impossible, but almost impossible. And I expect that’s exactly what will happen with Neuralink. I just hope that if they do bring it in and I have to get it so that I can apply for a job, that I can turn that sh*t off, because I value my Sundays and when I sit in front of the TV and I’m watching my team play in the 5th round of the FA Cup, I don’t want the missus asking me why I’m thinking about the colour of the sky and not about the colour of her dress.

Long story short, things are gonna get really f*cking complicated.

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