Project Blue Beam – A Thorough Breakdown of U2’s New Advert for their ‘Achtung Baby’ Gig Which Happens Later This Year

U2 released this video yesterday on 13th February 2023 which seems to possibly be predictive programming containing multiple subliminal messages preparing us for Project Blue Beam. It was conveniently shown during the Super Bowl and on the 3rd day of a string of UFO reports.

The video in question can be seen here:

First of all, let me point out that the gig is titled


Achtung Baby

U2 is obviously the band name and the UV is obviously a reference to their song ‘Ultra Violet.’ Could this be a reference to Ultra Violet Holograms maybe?

Here’s a Holographic UV-light technology test

Seems strange that they would pick this exact song for the title of their future gig, just as Project Blue Beam seems to be taking off.

On to the next part:

Achtung Baby is a German phrase which translates to ‘watch out baby’

In other words, they’re saying ‘watch out, because something BIG is about to happen’

This album was recorded between October 1990 – September 1991 (the date of BUSH SR’s speech which people have theorised is a reference to Project Blue Beam. The album was final released on the 18th November 1991…

They have now conveniently decided to perform this album again in 2023, just as Project Blue Beam seems to be getting under way and at the same time, used the song ‘Ultra Violet’ in it’s title.

The Breakdown

The movie starts with multiple people of different ethnicities suddenly finding themselves in a desert, unsure of what is going on. A woman who has been in her own world, listening to her headphones, looks at her hand, then hears a strange noise. She then removes the headphones.

A giant silver orb appears, followed by a sleeping baby.

We then hear strange noises and the report of a news reader: ‘major earthquake of a magnitude 7.5’

(Step 1 of Project Blue Beam theorises that the first element of Project Blue Beam will include many huge earthquakes around the globe followed by religious archaeological findings)

News reader 2:

‘First red warning for extreme heat’

News reader 3:

‘The government has feared a drought emergency’


An image of earth.

Then we go to Northern Ireland. Now, let’s be clear: U2 are from Dublin, in Ireland. Not Northern Ireland. I’m interested why they would do this – I’d like to know the exact place that the other Canadian journalist (Serge Monast’s friend) who was investigating Project Blue Beam died, because on the internet we are told it is Ireland… but in 30 years of translation and information sharing, it’s possible he actually died in Northern Ireland. Obviously, I could be wrong. But still, why Northern Ireland? Seems like a strange choice of first location in their advert, for a band from Ireland. And even so, the fact that the Canadian journalist died in Ireland is definitely a strange coincidence seeing as we know where U2 are from.

An old gentleman is then seen in his home listening to a radio. At 0:36 we see a Crucifix in the background. Project Blue Beam theorises that people will see holograms of Christ in the sky (as well as other prophets depending on your location) who will then all merge together to form the Anti Christ. This Crucifix could definitely be interpreted as a subliminal message with regards to the religious aspect of Project Blue Beam.

The news reader states:

“In the news today, numerous calls and text messages in the past hour, all seem to confirm sightings of something very, very unusual. An unidentified object about the size of 3 football fields, has been spotted over the skies of Belfast. Now some of the reports are saying that they can hear music emanating from…”

Lets remember that the holograms are not only going to appear real, but are also going to emit sound. Just like this giant orb featured in the video.

He then changes the station, takes a sip of his tea, looks out of the window, and disappears as though he himself is a hologram.

We then go to Brazil and see people walking through the street and a message sprayed on the wall ‘CALL YOUR MOTHER’ – another suggestion something big is about to happen.

The new subject is a painter, 33 years old – a spiritual number, not only the age of Jesus, but which also represents the 33 degrees of Freemasonry.

He then also suddenly disappears as though he’s a hologram.


A 22 year old graphic designer, sits on her bed and in the background we see a poster ‘EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG’

She then also suddenly disappears as though he’s a hologram.

Then to Japan, where we see an IT Student, 28 years old heading out of her flat followed by a Typhoon news report at 2:20

She walks through the rain with her umbrella, turns round and then also suddenly disappears as though he’s a hologram.

Then to Las Vegas, Nevada (home of Area 51)

Everyone who’s been transported to this desert gather round and the man from Northern Ireland says

“WHERE ARE WE?” (Without an Irish accent, may I add)

“Well, we’re not in Ireland, that’s for sure”

2:52 a man dressed as Satan says “WHAT IS THAT?”

A woman says “LOOK!” And points to the orb

3:04 a mans crucifix earring is pulled into focus

U2 member “So, are we doing this?”

Bono: “we’d be mad not to”

The orb drops down, and the people happily and wilfully walk over in the direction of the orb

The baby appears in the orb and says:


A flash of images including a fly and a closing eyelid appear and then the baby says ‘ACHTUNG’ which by itself, without the word ‘baby’ following it, in German, simply translates to ‘DANGER’

And the details appear.


Achtung Baby





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