A Possible Explanation for the UFO=UPA Terminology Change in the Past 2 Years – Project Blue Beam Pre-Programming

As many of you will also believe, there are most likely such thing as aliens and UFO’s, but they do not pose any threat to national security, nor worldwide security for that matter. Any genuine alien UFO visits have most probably been simply ‘observation visits’ or ‘data collection’.

This is a conversation that a lot of people will have varying views on, some people would argue that alien-abductions for example, are indeed real and that some abductees become traumatised, which of course means that aliens do not have our best interests at heart and may have malicious intent. I will not personally comment on that specifically because I am yet to be convinced that alien-abductions are definitely committed by aliens. There are multiple things that could be happening when it comes to alien abduction such as many psychological/dimensional/paranormal variables that we are yet to fully understand.

Besides, if aliens really had malicious intent, would we not know about it for certain by now? Especially if there was to be a genuine alien invasion… why the wait?

Personally I believe that aliens have always visited us, and that yes, many reports of UFO are genuinely aliens (or some sort of inter-dimensional being) Some of them, not so genuine. I believe they are most likely a range of things: genuine alien UFO, unclassified military aircraft-projects, sky anomalies, and of course, possibly holograms, too.

So, why the change the terminology from UFO to UAP?

Alien UFO’s started to be reported by mainstream media, especially in the US, in the mid 1900’s. This caused serious unrest amongst the public and mass-hysteria seemed like it was about to eventually ensue. So the government did their best to discredit theories and deny the existence of alien UFO’s, completely changing their original story. A psyop was then initiated with the intention of making anyone who talked about ‘UFO’s’ or ‘flying saucers’ to be deemed a nutcase. Responses from people in UFO conversation would end up being “they’re just classified government aircraft” or “no one really believes in that stuff anymore”.

Once the public had calmed down, and the majority had been brainwashed into believing UFO’s were no more than simply folklore, or stories thought up by the tin-hat brigade, the government had achieved their goal – to hide the truth – alien UFO’s are real.

Then, behind the curtain, due to the mass-hysteria that was very nearly caused, they realised how simulated alien-UFO could be used for psychological warfare – and that was when the plan for a fake alien invasion to usher in their ultimate dream – New World Order – started to take shape. I’m assuming that the birth of this idea probably started when the Central Intelligence Director – Walter B Smith – issued the declassified CIA documents regarding ‘flying saucers’ in 1953 – you can see a further explanation of this and the exact documents themselves which have since been declassified by clicking this link.

And so, during the following years, the plan developed behind the scenes. But the plan got leaked during the late 80s and early 90s from varying places – possibly even intentionally. You see, if the plan was to ever be leaked in the future, it’s better if everyone already assumes it to be crazy, so what better way to throw people ‘off the scent’ by leaking it through disinfo agents, adding some other ‘stuff in’ – and making the idea of a fake alien invasion seem insane.. Or, maybe, it got leaked and so the government had to change the plan… or, quite possibly, the political landscape and public psychology changed so radically that they had to alter it.. I could go on, but I won’t – you get the point – there’s so many different things that could have happened in the last 70 years to Project Blue Beam, it’s impossible to say exactly what. But, the solid evidence we have still supports the theory that a fake alien invasion is imminent.

By the end of the 90s and early 2000s, the governments plan was finally getting to a point where they realised they were ready to start priming us for the big event, so it was time to start getting us used to the idea of alien UFO’s again… you can’t just convince entire populations of people that UFO’s aren’t real and then hit them with a bunch of UFO’s, no one’s going to believe it.. they’ll think it’s fake!

And so, as we entered the 2010’s they started to very slowly drip-feed us with alien UFO reports and media. Incredibly slowly, and gradually, until the idea of alien UFO started to once again seem possible in the publics consciousness.

Then the 2020s come – Netflix documentaries about UFO’s, military personnel on mainstream Podcasts talking about UFO’s, UFO’s in the news, UFO’s in the paper, UFO’s here, UFO’s there, UFO’s in every damn place you can imagine. Apart from in fiction, of course, where it dramatically decreased. (The data of which I will compile in a future blog).

But, unfortunately for the government, they realised that people were still laughing at the term ‘UFO’s’ – and that wasn’t good news to them. They needed the general public to really embrace the idea, so that when they hit us with it, we believe it. And so, out of nowhere they decide to tell us “they’re not called UFO’s anymore, they’re called UAP’s!”

“What in the bloody-nora is a UAP?” the public would say

“Unidentified anomalous phenomenon!!” the government would reply

“Well, shit, with a long official-sounding name like that, they must be real now!!!!”

And so, that is my belief of how we made the transition from the term UFO to UAP. It was simply a pre-programming tactic used by the government to get the general public to really start to embrace the idea of alien UFO’s again, and to get us ready to believe in the fake alien invasion that is gradually unfolding upon us. It was the final nail in the PBB pre-programming coffin.

And of course, it’s worked – everyone calls them UFO’s now….. UAP’s, I mean! (Damn it, that pre-programming just won’t seem to kick in!)

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