Why Do People Deny All The Evidence Presented To Them?

If you follow this blog, you may ask yourself the question “why do people deny all the evidence presented to them?”

Yes, there are mountains of examples that clearly suggest that The Cabal are planting symbology and messages within film, TV, MSM, etc. Yet, people still deny the possibility of it happening, and insist that it must simply be ‘coincidence’.

My understanding is that peoples perception of reality is extremely important to them and anything that could potentially change that perception in a drastic way is deemed a threat to their perception. Their instinctive reaction is to defend their reality and fight anything that opposes it.

We must remember that a lot of these people are huge sceptics in the world of conspiracy theories and for some it’s hard to even convince them that 9/11 was an inside job, let alone that some shadowy force is planting occult symbology within products they use and experience on a day-to-day basis. The paradigm shift these people have to go through in order to see the truth is a shift much greater than simply realising that the powers that be are corrupt – they have to take an even bigger plunge into the unknown, and acknowledge that the powers that be are not only corrupt, but they are themselves corrupted by a force that transcends regular logic and rational.

Unfortunately their paradigm shift will never happen over night… but my hope is that as long as we keep chipping away at them, and showing them the reality of what is truly doing on in this world, eventually they will realise what they believed to be real was never really ‘real’ at all. And that is that the the depth of The Cabals work is much deeper than simply performing false flags, hoaxes, and psyops. It is governed and guided by a power that only the truly awakened can understand, and until they themselves truly ‘wake up’ – they will never understand that power for what it really is.

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