Presenting The Case For Underwater Aliens

Some of you will have probably heard the theory that aliens are not visiting us from above and beyond, but are actually visiting us from below and within. In this post I will explain why it’s very possible that the theory is true, and that the UFO’s we see, are indeed visiting us from the depths of the ocean rather than the depths of space.

First of all, it seems we have been brainwashed by MSM into thinking that UFO’s are coming from other galaxies or sometimes, albeit rarely, they play with the idea of other dimensions. It is never suggested that aliens are visiting us from the sea, and when we do hear this theory, it is usually just us discussing the possibility amongst ourselves. But when you spend some time thinking about the subject deeply enough, it really seems like the most plausible explanation.

It’s important to note that 80% of our ocean is unmapped, unobserved, and unexplored. NASA’s budget for this year is just over $27 billion. Would it not make sense to put some of this money towards investigating the ocean, since there’s so much of it we don’t even know about? The reluctancy to investigate the ocean to any considerable measure really makes you wonder, why the delay?

Then if you consider the general look of a grey, it does seem to be amphibian in nature. Almost frog-like in appearance with a scaley translucent skin. They are also often depicted as having slightly webbed hands. Perhaps this has something to do with evolving mainly within water rather than us who have evolved mainly on land.

Despite the amphibious look, they also look a lot like us. If they were to come from different planets, you would expect them to possess a different biological structure to some degree, but they appear just as a humanoid does: with 1 head, two eyes, (usually) a nose, one mouth, two ears, four limbs, bipedal, etc. They seem much more like a possible common ancestor who has evolved here rather than a lifeform that has evolved in a different galaxy.

They are always butt-naked and never wear any type of advanced suit. You would expect that if they came from the outer-regions of space, they would come prepared. For example, imagine if we were to visit a distant planet, would we send our astronauts out there without some sort of protection or breathing device? What are the odds of arriving at a planet where you can breathe the atmosphere? Or did they simply go back to their planet and say “don’t worry about these suits, we’ll be fine naked” – this doesn’t make sense. The fact they appear this way suggests they have always been used to our environment – which would explain why they don’t need any special apparatus to visit us.

There are multiple reports of UFO’s, or more specifically, ‘tic-tacs’ shooting into (and out of) the ocean at incredible speeds. One video online features a US Military pilot witnessing a UFO shoot into the water and exclaim “it splashed!”

In August of last year, over 8,000 feet beneath the Atlantic Ocean, scientists spotted an unusual line of almost perfectly-spaced holes. The holes were definitely not formed by us, so who were they formed by? The regularity and almost machine-like precision suggests these were created by an intelligent life-form with hi-tech capabilities, but who?

As debatable as alien abductions can be, what you will always notice is that they are all reported to be done inside alien craft – no one ever reports of seeing any planets or external objects, not even a window looking out into space. If the theory is true, and alien craft are coming from the ocean and disappearing back into it, the fact that abductees only ever see the inside of these craft would make sense – because they are deep within the ocean, where there’s nothing outside to be seen.

So, this is why I believe that if there are definitely aliens visiting us, I think it is very possible that they are visiting us from the depths of our unexplored oceans. Perhaps it’s about time NASA stopped wasting their money losing robots on Mars and spend some of it searching our own planet. Because where there is water, there is life, but exactly what life, is something we are still yet to find out.

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