10 Reasons To Believe Elon Musk Is A CIA Operative

Here are the 10 main reasons to believe that Elon Musk is a CIA Operative:

First of all: Elon Musk is a False Counter-Culture figure

Elon Musk has always acted as though he is ‘anti-establishment’ – doing things such as questioning the C-19 official story, amongst others. Yet Tesla produces machines for a C-19 vaccine. How is this ‘anti-establishment’? It is likely he has been planted by the CIA to appear to be ‘fighting the machine’ whilst he’s actually working for it. (And making it, too)

2. Elon Musk in the early ’00s.

Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capital firm, were interested in Elon during 2001/2002. Mike Griffin CIA executive, travelled to Russia with Musk during this time and their intention was to buy ICBMs. But they never made this deal with the Russians and so Musk decided to form SpaceX. His prospective business partner Mike Griffin from the CIA was then appointed as NASA administrator, and was awarded a $400 million contract to SpaceX – before it had even launched a rocket.


3. Elon Musk’s Businesses Are the CIA’s Wet Dreams

Elon Musk has three main companies:


A satellite grid that completely covers the globe. If everyone is on the ‘grid’ of satellites (which will most likely happen eventually) everyone will be completely trackable at all times, anywhere. Especially if people are linked to NeuraLink. They are basically ‘spy satellites’


A chip surgically planted into your brain that can upload and download information, turning you into a transhuman. This will not only create trans-humans but also a divide between trans-humans and humans. The trans-humans will have many advantages due to the downloading and uploading of all information whilst the humans will remain organic, but will be heavily disadvantaged in a capitalist society as a result.

Elon Musk has never mentioned that these two technologies will be ‘linked’ – but since they have the names StarLINK and NeuraLINK, and Starlink provides internet whilst Neuralink requires it, you can be damn sure these things will be linked.


Remotely-hijackable cars that can be controlled by internet connection (and by StarLink eventually I am sure) you go of course? Tesla realigns it. You break the law? Tesla drives you to the police station. Speeding? Tesla slows you down. You do anything that isn’t within the rules of Tesla and the law and you no longer have choice, your choices are controlled.

Of course, there is also the Tesla Robot which is currently being worked on. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why the CIA would love this to become a reality. The implications of a Robot that appears and acts exactly like a human are phenomenal.

These 3 business have CIA written all over them.

4. Further NeuraLink Breakdown

NeuraLink is the true beginning of transhumanism, which will be the final step that turns us from being human into becoming something other than human. It will finally connect us to the ‘hive mind’ – through StarLink – and ultimately disconnect us from the soul.

One of the main reasons for this is that more people these days are finding spirituality. People are realising how bad technology is for the soul and are steadily starting to distance themselves from it – deleting social media, using phones less, following spiritual teachers, gurus, religions etc. If they convince us to install tech such as NeuraLink into our minds, it pulls us as far away from spirituality as possible and turns us into transhumans. Transhumans cannot ascend or go to heaven. The more people who have Neauralink, in their eyes – the better.

5. ‘Elon Musk Is Not Your Friend’ Documentary Removed From Rumble

There was a documentary on Rumble that gained a huge amount of traction but has since been removed.. why was it removed?

It explained how Elon Muskis a fraud and CIA/WEF puppet who never actually invented anything and got rich from elitist money.

If anyone has a copy of this documentary anywhere please let me know as it needs to be reposted.

6. Elon Musk and the New World

Elon called for a one world government in January 2022

“Elon Musk and the WEF”

“In his talk at the WEF, Elon Musk discussed how society needs to work together to create some kind of world government. He stated that this would be necessary to address the challenges currently posed by climate change and artificial intelligence.£

https://me dium.com/technology-hits/elon-musk-and-the-wef-dcaf4bec2084

Bloomberg article from 2008 confirming Elon Musk is a Young Global Leader

“Elon Musk, the chairman of Tesla Motors, the much-publicized electric sports-car company, is a new YGL.”


Wikipedia archive confirming Elon Musk became a Young Global Leader in 2005 https://en-academic.com/dic.nsf/enwiki/711547

Here here here says via Twitter “we’ve been working on mRNA vaxx tech for four years” in 2020 https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1288724211767418880?t=xEmyWqfv7eSOLY-abxEQZg&s=19

“Hacking Humans: How Neuralink May Give AI The Keys To Our Brains”


(links from user: Thick_Maybe_1819)

7. Elons Ex-Partner Grimes

By now most of us know about the music video she released pre-covid of people in pandemic masks as well as her cryptic photo of an ancient stone artifact with some additional symbols added: vaccine needles and UFO’s.

There has also been mentions of her being a witch, ties to the occult, elitist parents, CIA background etc although this is all speculation and nothing has been proven. But due to her cryptic postings prediction COVID and the jab, I wouldn’t be surprised if some, if not all of this is true.

And then of course Elon Musk tweets and image about finding out his partner was a CIA actor planted to dissuade him from being part of the counter-culture movement.

This not only screams “my ex was CIA” but when we keep in mind everything else, it also screams “I am a shill for the CIA fronting as a counter-culture figure”

8. Elon Musk is a Pentagon Contractor

Elon Musk’s SpaceX won 2 Pentagon contracts for nearly $160 million in order to launch missions with its Falcon 9 rockets.

“The Pentagon announced Tuesday that it had signed two contracts with Elon Musk’s space company, SpaceX, for more than $159 million.

Under the agreements, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rockets will launch two separate missions, the US Department of Defense said in a statement.

The two contracts come to $159.7 million and are expected to be completed by the end of 2023, the Pentagon said. It did not disclose the cost of each individual mission.” –Source

9. Elon is a Department of Defence Contractor

Kash Patel, Trump’s top advisor, confirming Elon is top DoD contractor: https://youtu.be/3G0X_Om7Xog

10. Elon Musk Wore a Satannic Suit of Armour at an Elite Halloween Party (Image of Baphomet on the Chest)

Now fair enough, this could be a joke. But when you consider all the other craziness he’s clearly up to, I don’t think it’s that far-fetched to suggest that he wore this suit for ‘a reason’….

And another one for bonus points:

Elon Musk and Greg Abbot doing the ‘horns’ symbolic handsign:

Thanks for reading,

Cantona Lynx 1084

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