In 1988, Demolition (Ax and Smash) Faced The Twin Towers (Akeem And The Big Boss Man) At a WWE Event. This Poster Was Raised By A Fan…

Just another incredible case of 9/11 foreshadowing. At a Wrestle Mania event in 1988, the tag team ‘Demolition’ (Ax and Smash) faced ‘The Twin Towers’ (Akeem And The Big Boss Man) below I will upload a poster which was raised by a fan… What are the chances of this happening by chance? I’d definitely like […]

Here’s A Screenshot Of The Short Video Clip That Was Televised Worldwide When The US Air Force Left Afghanistan. Note That Everywhere Outside Of The US Uses The Date Format DD/MM/YY

When US Air Forces left Afghanistan, this was the image that was shown worldwide, one of the last US Air Force jets leaving Afghanistan. Seems innocent, no? Well, maybe that would be the case, if the one of the last jets to leave Afghanistan, that was televised worldwide, didn’t have the 9/11 date in worldwide […]

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