Why Have I chosen To Use The Term ‘Cabal’ ?

Throughout the years, I have used many terms. All of these terms had problems, detailed below:

‘The Elite’ – refers to the ‘elite’ members of governments etc. These people are not necessarily the problem, but are simply ‘puppets’. For this reason, I can no longer refer to the problem as ‘The Elite’.

‘The Powers That Be’ (TPTB) also has the same problem. ‘The Powers That Be’ tends to refer to the government, and if the term is used to refer to something ‘higher’ – it is still interpreted by most as being the government. For this reason, I can no longer refer to the problem as ‘The Powers That Be’

‘The Illuminati’ the Illuminati is a good term, but due to it’s popularisation in the 00s and 10s, it is now mostly associated with celebrities and the music industry. For this reason, I can no longer refer to the problem as ‘The Illuminati’

‘The Freemasons’ is a very broad term. Yes, The Freemasons seem to have infiltrated the highest ranks of power, and yes, their symbology seems to be prevalent throughout modern culture. But The Freemasons themselves are a huge organisation, many of which are not involved. It seems that only sectors of the 33rd degree are involved, and so for this reason, I cannot refer to the problem as ‘The Freemasons’.

These above terms are the most often used, and I have detailed by reasons for not using such terms. My usage, therefore, of the term the ‘The Cabal’, is simply based on the definition:



  1. a secret political clique or faction.”a cabal of dissidents”

The term ‘The Cabal’ simply refers to ‘a political clique or faction’ – it is not specific in any way and clearly addresses exactly that which we wish to address: a ‘secret political clique’ – for this reason, I have decided to use ‘The Cabal’ as my choice of phrase to describe ‘them’ going forward.

Thanks for reading,

Cantona Lynx 1084

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