A Comprehensive Breakdown of Occult Symbology Hidden Within the Dollar Bill. Hidden In Plain Sight – What They WANT You To See.

In this post I will break down every element of occult symbology hidden within the dollar bill.

Now, as most of you will be aware, once you fold the $5-$100 dollar bills into an ‘aeroplane’ fold, you will see the twin towers falling in a chronological fashion. But what about the $1 bill? The $1 bill also contains multiple elements of occult symbology, some of which you may know about, some of which you may not. Within this post, I will break down every element of apparent occult symbology within this bill, and once I have explained it from start to finish, I am sure you will agree that this bill was not designed to empower the people, it was designed to show the people who is in control. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is The Cabal.

First of all, let’s start with the most obvious: the Eye of Providence. The Eye of Providence is a symbol of the Freemasons which depicts a pyramid overshadowed by an all seeing eye. We are told that this eye represents the eye of God, but once you finish reading this post, you will be much more inclined to believe that it represents the all seeing eye of The Cabal – letting you know that no matter what you do, no matter where you go, ‘they’ are watching you, at all times, everywhere.

Next up, the latin that randomly appears all over the bill. William Barton, the designer of the dollar bill, originally had the Latin term ‘Deo Favente’ curved around the top of the Eye of Providence. Once translated, you will find that this means ‘with God’s favor’ – but before the bill went to print, Charles Thomson changed it to ‘Annuit cœptis’ which means ‘He favors our undertakings’ – which makes you wonder, if they changed it from ‘God’ to ‘He’ – who were they changing it to refer to, rather than God? I’ll let you hazard a wild guess…

William Barton also originally designed the dollar bill to have the latin term ‘Perennis’ curved around the bottom of the Eye of Providence. Once translated, you will find that this means ‘forever’ but before the bill went to print, Charles Thomson (again) changed it to ‘Novus ordo seclorum’ which literally means “A new order of the ages” – hmm, seems strange that the phrase has such an uncanny resemblance to ‘a new world order of the ages.’

Now, onto the Roman numerals. at the bottom of the eye of providence you will see letters MDCCLXXVI – which means 1776 in Roman Numerals, the date of the declaration of independence. Well, why were Roman Numerals used? Why all of this latin on the dollar bill? Well, if you remove the M, the C and the X, the Roman numerals translate to… you guessed it… 666.

On the left you will see the original design by William Barton (he must have been getting annoyed with all these changes!) which show the leaves on the left, and the arrows on the right. The leaves were said to represent peace, and the arrows to represent war (whenever necessary)

But the eagle didn’t always look the way it does now. Originally, the symbols being held by the eagle were in reverse order and were being printed on the silver coin (shown above). You might not think much of this at first glance, however, in the language of symbols the right side signifies dominance. Many European journalists condemned this symbology – because they interpreted it as being a need to start war rather than trying to negotiate peace first. Eventually the design was changed due to so much backlash from Europe, but this whole episode does make you wonder was the bill was designed for the people, or was it designed for The Cabal?

Now of course, ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ is a positive saying, and there’s not much wrong with this. No weirdness here. But when you place it over the word ‘ONE’ – the saying takes a new form – ‘IN GOD WE TRUST ONE’ – well, whom is the ‘one’ they trust? Again, if it’s not God, it’s someone else, and I think you can probably work out who that someone else may be….

If you count the bricks of the pyramid, you will find that there is exactly 72. Why 72? There must be some reason for this, right? Well, in the Kabballah (a variety of Jewish mysticism) you will find that 72 refers to the 72 names of God. To those who believe in this ancient form of mysticism, with the help of these names, the wisdom of the Kabbalah provides a way for communicating with the spiritual worlds.. seems strange to have Kabbalah mysticism hidden within the dollar bill, no?

And finally, in the top right hand corner of the front of the bill, we see a tiny owl perched on the frame of the 1. Why is there an owl here? Allow me to explain.

There is a false God, called Moloch. Moloch is the God to whom child sacrifice was offered at the Jerusalem tophet..

Below are 3 examples of this owl randomly appearing in street plans, building designs, and of course, Bohemian Grove, where the elite meet every year to watch ‘the cremation of care’ – in which they all worship a giant ‘Molech’ statue and cheer as they watch an ‘effigy’ being burned as an offering to Molech..

The photos show as follows:


An aerial photo of the owl which randomly appears in the Washington DC street plan.


A photo of the Frost Bank Tower in Austin, Texas, which is rumoured to have been designed by Rice college to look like their owl mascot. But the following details will make you wonder if the rumours are true and if it really was designed by Rice college for the simple purpose of representing their mascot…

  • The building stands 515 feet (157 m) tall with 33 floors
  • It was the first high-rise building to be constructed in the United States after the 9/11 attacks


A photo of the giant statue of Moloch, found at Bohemian Grove…

Just a bunch of satanic coincidences? Or something more? You decide….

Thanks for reading,

Cantona Lynx 1084

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