Lisa Lopez was Murdered Because She Knew who Killed 2 Pac

Lisa Lopez, as some of you will know, was also known as Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez. One of the three members of the 90’s girl group TLC. Anyone who lived in the 90s will have heard her songs, especially Waterfalls and No Scrubs.

She had a turbulent life, and a great career with TLC, eventually transitioning to solo in 1998. But unfortunately she tragically died in a car crash in 2002 whilst on holiday to Honduras.

Here I will explain my theory behind why I think Lisa Lopez knew who killed 2 Pac, and who it was that I think arranged her death.

Lisa’s Love Life

So whilst Lisa was gaining notoriety in the 90’s for her music with TLC, she was dating a man called Andre Rison. Andre Rison was an American football player, most notably the Greenbay Packers and Oakland Raiders. Their relationship was rocky, plagued with a lot of heated arguments and domestic violence.

Whilst she was dating Andre Rison, she met 2 Pac, and described him as her soul mate. People say that they never slept together and it has never been admitted. But her friend described the situation as “Andre had her heart and Tupac had her soul.” She also got a tattoo ‘Love U 2’ in musical notes dedicated to 2 Pac. So, regardless if these two had slept together, they were definitely close.

Then in 1994, she fell out with Andre Rison and burnt down his house in revenge. And guess who was there to pick her up afterwards? 2 Pac.

It’s clear to see that Lisa was extremely close to 2 Pac and that they were really good friends if not more. I think it’s safe to say that Lisa would have done anything for Pac.

Then 2 years later in 1996, Pac dies in the notorious Las Vegas drive-by shooting. He is in a car with Suge Knight, owner of Death Row records.

Now there has been speculation on this before but I will explain the main reasons why Suge Knight may have wanted 2 Pac dead and why he is a possible suspect.

  • First of all, 2 weeks before his death, 2 Pac had said how he was doing one more album on Death Row Records and then was going to go to a new label. 2 Pac had obviously been making seriously money for Suge Knight so it could have definitely been a case of ‘if I can’t have him, no one can’
  • Secondly, Suge Knight knew that once 2 Pac died, he would be getting 50% of all sales. For a man like Suge Knight, who is known in the industry as a ruthless individual, killing a man for that amount of money would not be out of the question.
  • And lastly, if you want to ensure that you look like the least likely suspect in the killing or hired killing of a man, what better way to do it than to be driving the car he’s in when the drive-by happens? It would be the perfect crime.

So, let’s assume that it was definitely Suge Knight who ordered Pac’s hit. Keep in mind that this was 96.

2 Pac’s death troubles Lisa Lopez tremendously but she continues her career with TLC and then goes solo in 1998. During this time, she meets Suge Knight, owner of Death Row Records. Not long later, she splits up with Andre Rison in 2001 and then she leaves Arista Records and signs with Death Row Records in 2002.

That’s when Suge Knight and Lisa Lopez start to have a relationship, and she plans to make her next album on the Death Row Records label. But get this: the new album is going to be called N.I.N.A – New Identity Non-Applicable.

Now, this seems like a strange choice for someone who is about to die in a car accident the same year, since a new identity really is non-applicable – i.e. unnecessary. I’d be interested to know who came up with that idea because if it was Suge, the following turn of events would make sense.

During this relationship, this is where I assume Suge Knight discloses to Lisa Lopez the fact that he ordered 2 Pac’s killing. Or some way, she found out. She was then seriously troubled by this news because 2 Pac was her soul mate, but her new label manager and sexual partner just turns out to be the very man behind Pac’s death.

So she has now finished recording her new album, but due to this news, she decides to take a break – to ‘find herself’, and books a holiday to Honduras.

Whilst in Honduras she records footage of herself where she says she feels like a ‘spirit is following her’ – the footage ends up being used in ‘The Last Days of Left Eye’ which can be seen by clicking this link

You can see the actual crash take place in the video, but you cannot see exactly what happens. The footage is cut just as soon as you hear a gasp.

Now, she is one of five people in the car, and she is the only one who dies. I find it very strange that after everything I’ve explained, that she decides to go on holiday that same year, and then randomly dies in a car crash, leaving 5 survivors. It has since been reported that she is the only one not wearing a seat belt but my question is why? Why would a driver not wear a seat belt whilst the other 5 were?

And to make it even weirder, not only does she die leaving four survivors after saying she feels like a ‘spirit is following her’ but her album N.I.N.A (new identity non-applicable) is never released by Suge Knight and Death Row Records for ‘unknown reasons’.

Since then her family have refused the let Lisas audio be used on subsequent albums and the rest of her music has never been released. It is almost as though once she died, no one wanted to talk about her, no one wanted to release her music, and no one wanted her vocals used for anything. It’s all very strange considering how well known she was in the industry and how her gleaming career was inevitably cut short by her untimely death…

So based on this information, I really think it’s possible that Lisa Lopez’s murder was arranged by Suge Knight because she knew too much. His inability to talk about her since also remains extremely suspect.

A random car crash in Honduras? Or another strange death related to the notorious Death Row Records? What do you think?

I’m not sure about you, but I’d definitely like to hear the songs on that unreleased album ‘N.I.N.A’ – I bet there’s something within those lyrics they didn’t want us to hear…..

And a final note, in Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez’s track Waterfalls with TLC, she sings:

“don’t go chasing water falls, just stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to”

But then she decides to go to Honduras, one of the reasons being because ‘she wants to see the waterfalls’

A spooky foreshadowing of her untimely death….

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