When I Make An ‘Error’

I spend a lot of time researching and documenting conspiracy theories.

Sometimes, albeit rarely, I will make an error.

For example, recently, I made a post of a Vice magazine article that featured Beavis and Butthead flying into the Twin Towers dressed as Al-Qaeda. I posted this as an example of 9/11 foreshadowing.

This post received a lot of attention, but amongst the attention, someone pointed out that the article was posted by Vice as a ‘joke’ – it turned out that this was what Vice called a ‘Retro article’ – but it was not actually ‘retro’ at all. But rather, a ‘parody’ of retro-ism.

Of course, this then brings the authenticity of my posts into question.

For anyone who sees such errors within my work, I encourage you to not be put-off by such errors, and to understand that I am only human and that me being human means that sometimes errors will be made.

Articles such as this Vice article in question, are made for a reason – they do it with the intent of discrediting conspiracy theorists, and on this occasion, I took the bait.

Please do not be dismayed by occasions such as this – please look past them – and appreciate the rest of my work for what it is; and that is – honest work.

Thanks for reading,

Cantona Lynx 1084

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