Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ Was About The Elite Engaging In Occult Ritual Activities. It Was Filmed In A Real Rothschild Mansion. Kubrick ‘Died’ March 1999, Same Month The Matrix Was Released And Delayed EWS’s Release. Warner Bros Then Cut 25 Minutes Out And Released It On 10th September 1999.

Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut was about The Elite engaging in occult ritual activities. It was filmed in a real Rothschild mansion. Kubrick ‘died’ March 1999, the same month The Matrix was released, which delayed Eyes Wide Shut’s release. Warner Bros Then Cut 25 Minutes Out And Released It On 10th September 1999. I have […]

For Those Who Say The Rothschilds Aren’t Powerful, Here’s A Photo Of One Poking King Charles III In The Chest. Looks Like A School Bully About To Punch Some Kid In The Face.

Many people claim that The Rothschilds family aren’t as powerful as people say. Well, let me present the below photo to you which features Jacob Rothschild poking King Charles III in the chest. I have no idea what was being said, but I think from this image alone we can safely say that The Rothschilds […]

Contagion Was Released On 9th September 2011 (9/9/11) – The Film Is About A Virus Transmitted By Respiratory Droplets And Fomites (Like COVID) And The Tagline For The Film Was ‘NOTHING SPREADS LIKE FEAR’

Contagion was a film released on 9th Sep 2011. The date breakdown is eerily similar to the 9/11 breakdown which is 09/11, not only this, but the film is about a virus transmitted by respiratory droplets and fomites (like COVID) and the tagline for the film was ‘NOTHING SPREADS LIKE FEAR’ – also note how […]

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