Multiple Occasions Of 9/11 Foreshadowing You May Have Missed

As most of us know, you will find cases of 9/11 foreshadowing within pop culture absolutely everywhere within the late 70s – late 90s. Below are just 6 cases of 9/11 foreshadowing you may have missed. I am in the process of putting together a blog that details every case of 9/11 foreshadowing that I know of. For the time being, I leave you with this… before you analyse it for yourself, remember: it is not just one case of this happening that we have noticed within conspiracy theorist circles, we have noticed hundreds, if not thousands. The odds of this happening by chance must be trillions to one, which begs the question: if it’s seemingly impossible that this could happen – then why does it happen? The answer, then, must be, that if it’s not a coincidence – it was meant to happen. And who exactly meant it to happen? ‘They‘ meant it to happen.

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