The Pentagon is now Literally Talking about ‘Motherships’

A month ago they reported on the ‘Chinese surveillance balloon’ which was followed by a string of UFO sightings that there apparently shot down. Yet we never saw photos of the UFO’s or the debris of what was shot down. Just photos of the ‘Chinese surveillance balloon.’

The UFO’s were originally reported as UFO’s – ‘cylindrical’, ‘grey’ and the ‘size of a car’ they then change their story and say they were all ‘private company balloons.’

Senator John Kennedy himself had said to press nothing about weather balloons and at the end said ‘lock your doors tonight’ – that doesn’t sound like a man talking about balloons.

Let’s remind ourselves of the Roswell incident where a UFO was reported by the local air force as a ‘flying saucer’ – later they retracted that statement and said it was a weather balloon. These two events sound strikingly similar – using balloons as an explanation for what are originally reported as genuine UFO’s.

Anyway, the internet went crazy during this time and everyone was talking about psyops, cover-ups and potential fake alien invasions. The following weeks had a number of strange happenings going on; cell companies down, social media platforms down, electricity down in multiple government buildings, multiple train derailments and chemical spills. It was all very weird.

Then of course it got super crazy when people spotted the similarities in White Noise, and how it contained an Ohio train derailment releasing a chemical spill and also mentions of UFO’s, a character in it called ‘Mr Grey’, books on Occultism, out-of-context mentions of déjà vu and more. (The French translation of déjà vu is literally ‘already seen’)

But the UFO sightings slowed down and the media went a bit quiet. People started saying that it was all just balloons, and that anyone talking about real or fake aliens was again just crazy.

We must just all be really paranoid, right?

Then 4 days ago the Pentagon starts literally talking about ‘motherships’ releasing smaller craft into the atmosphere. A current Google search on ‘pentagon motherships’ will give the following results:

TV stations are currently being a bit quieter than the news sites, but here is one video by Newsmax:

Newsmax reporting on the Pentagon talking about motherships.

To me, all of this seems to reaffirm the idea that they are releasing all of this information very steadily. They release a bit, wait to gauge the public response, then work out their next move. They don’t want to cause mass hysteria straight away, they want to know how people react so they release a bit, test the water, return to consider the next play.

I expect this will all go a bit quiet again for a bit, just as it seems to keep doing, and then something just that little bit crazier will be drip fed to us again.

Personally after all the research I’ve done on fake alien invasion theory, it’s stuff like this that just continues to solidify the concept. It all ties together perfectly and makes sense. There are some things that confuse it because there is so much disinfo about. But at it’s core, the fake alien invasion does seem like it’s gradually being unleashed upon us.

Cantona Lynx

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