Brief News Report Summary of the Past 2 Days – Events Possibly Project Blue Beam Related

A quick summary of the last two days events from Project Blue Beam news. Please note that these events are not all necessarily related, but are current events which could be tied to Project Blue Beam. I will give a more elaborate breakdown on anything specific I feel needs to be mentioned at a later date.

  • MSM now report that the ‘surveillance balloon’ was heading in the direction of Hawaii, the same place that a giant wall of green lasers was spotted on the same day.
  • President Biden says that the UFO sightings are nothing to worry about, that they are not surveillance balloons from another country, but they are not extra-terrestrial either. He says they are most probably ‘private company balloons’ but is yet to confirm 100%.
  • Another train carrying hazardous materials derails outside Detroit.
  • Eight countries pull all of their ambassadors out of Turkey 24 hours before a giant earthquake hits
  • Huge 5 acre warehouse fire in Florida
  • US Blackhawk helicopter crashes in Alabama

6 thoughts on “Brief News Report Summary of the Past 2 Days – Events Possibly Project Blue Beam Related

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