The 7 Similarities Between 9/11 And 7/7 That Could Prove The U.S Terrorist Attacks And Later U.K Terrorist Attacks Are Linked

As a lot of you will already know, there was not only a major U.S terror attack in 2001, but also a U.K terror attack in 2005. This post will explain the very strange coincidences between both the attacks, further adding to the possibility that they were orchestrated by the same shadowy force.

On September 11th 2001, the United States were attacked by a group of plane hijackers, all supposedly linked to Al-Qaeda. Then 4 years later, on July 7th 2005, a very similar scenario happened in London, England.

Now, I think by now all of us know about 9/11. But some of the newer members to this sub and to conspiracies will be unaware of 7/7. 7/7 happened in London, U.K and involved the bombing of 3 trains and 1 bus in London, all on the same day.

Conspiracy theorists were already in the process of completely dissecting 9/11, so when 7/7 happened, they immediately started picking it apart. Unfortunately these days, the links are rarely, if ever, mentioned, and as far as I know, no one has broken it down as clearly or as deeply as I’m about to do.

I look forward to you hearing what I have to say and listening to your opinions:

Without further ado, I will now explain how both of the events are linked.


Number of bombings (4)


9/11 consisted of the hijacking of 4 commercial flights. (American Airlines Flight 11, American Airlines Flight 77, United Airlines Flight 93, and United Airlines Flight 175)


7/7 consisted of the bombing of 4 vehicles (3 trains and a bus – Aldgate, Edgware Road and Russell Square stations, and the bus at Tavistock square)


Terrorist links


There are multiple sources that suggest that the hijackers were financed by the Saudis who are U.S Gov allies, such as the declassified docs ‘The 28 pages’ which were originally withheld from the 9/11 report. You can see more info about this on my other post here.


There are multiple sources that suggest 2 of the bombers worked for British Intelligence, namely, MI5. In 2005, the apparent ringleader of the London suicide bombers, Haroon Rashid Aswat, would state publicly on Fox News that prosecutors in Seattle were about to arrest Aswat on terrorism charges, but someone in the “headquarters of the US Justice Department ordered the Seattle prosecutors not to touch Aswat.” The reason was that Aswat was working for British intelligence. Loftus even went as far as to say that a certain “wing” of British intelligence had been hiding him.


Training Exercise


On the day of 9/11, NORAD were conducting a plane exercise that involved the exact same scenario that happened on the very same day that 9/11 happened.


On the day of 7/7, VISOR were conducting an exercise that involved the exact same scenario that happened on the very same day that 7/7 happened, on the same day, same time and same trains. Peter Power was the managing director of VISOR, and he even appeared on various news segments and media platforms on the morning of the attacks, talking of the strange “coincidences” between his training exercise and the actual bombings, stating, “I still have the hairs on the back of my neck standing up.”




The majority of CCTV during 9/11 as you will all know, has always been withheld. The only thing we have is one video of the Pentagon, which does not show a plane flying into the building, but what looks much more like a missile.


The majority of CCTV during 7/7 has always been withheld. Although several CCTV shots were released to the public, most of the crucial footage has not. When you consider the amount of CCTV cameras that are in and around London, especially on transportation lines, it has to be argued that there should have been many more pictures available, which have not ever been disclosed However, as requests for these were made, it was revealed that many of the CCTV cameras were apparently “not working” or that the footage “was lost.”




The hijacker passports were apparently retrieved from the rubble on 9/11, even though they had just been inside a plane which blew up into a ball of flames which led to the towers collapse.


The bombers passports were apparently retried from the rubble of 7/7, even though they had just been inside trains and a bus which blew up into pieces following the exploding of very sophisticated bombs.




Many people say that it is not only the impact of the planes that caused the collapse of the towers, but also bombs within the planes. Footage of this would suggest as such, and images of people jumping from the towers before the explosion would suggest the same.


Many people say that when they witnessed the bombs going off on the trains, and that they exploded from beneath the trains, rather than from the actual terrorists’ bags themselves. A hole in the bottom of the bus would support this notion, especially since it was pointed out by first response as being ‘that’s where the bombs went off’ when in actual fact, such holes were not anywhere near where the terrorists’ bags were.




Many of you will know the mountains of apparent symbology within the 9/11 attacks. One I will mention here specifically is the symbology of the towers blowing up on 9/11, the same day that Solomons temple and a few hundred years later, Herod’s temple were destroyed by the Roman empire during the attack on Jerusalem. Solomons temple, strangely enough, could also be linked to building 7/7 which was called ‘the Salomon building’ – due to it’s main function being owned by the Salomon brothers.

Furthermore, there was an arch erected prior to 9/11 in New York which was named ‘the Arch of Titus’ which imitated a Roman Arch which was built in Roman times to celebrate a victory or event. Through this arch, on the date of 9/11, you would have been able to see the destruction of the Twin Towers in the exact same way they were supposedly illustrated as being destructed chronologically in the dollar bills, which you can see my post about here.


But there is also mountains of apparent symbology within the 7/7 attacks. For example:

The No. 30 bus that exploded in Tavistock Square is singled out as being a symbolic reference to the Tavistock Institute, claimed by some conspiracy theorists to be a mind-control center for the Illuminati. Furthermore, the No. 30 bus is said to have been purposely diverted to the route that would take it to Tavistock Square and the would-be bomber.

Strangely enough, The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is a British not-for-profit organisation that applies social science to contemporary issues and problems.

And just to add to the suspiciousness of all of this, the Rockefeller Foundation awarded a significant grant that facilitated the creation of the institute back in 1947.

In Summary

When people talk about 9/11, they talk about all of the strange inconsistencies and coincidences that are riddled throughout the stories of the attacks. These problems with the official story are what make people reassess the details and eventually, if they’re inquisitive enough, come to the belief that 9/11 was an inside job. But some still refuse to listen and put it all down to chance. “That’s just how it happened and if you look for these things for long enough, you will find them” they say…

But when you realise that all of these things are actually synchronised with another attack that happened in the country of allies of the U.S only 4 years later, namely the U.K, you realise that these must be much more than simply coincidences. They are coincidences of epic proportions, proportions so unlikely that there simply has to be something going on within our governments and intelligence services that is much less in favour of the people, but more so against the people.


U.S and U.K gov are working in cahoots, they are the same entity, and are controlled by the same shadowy elite who work for the interests of themselves, for New World Order, and most definitely NOT for us.

Thank you for reading.

For anyone interested in hearing more about the 7/7 bombings and the problems with the official story, please follow my profile as I will be posting a detailed breakdown in the next few days.

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