What you Probably Don’t Know About Project Blue Beam – the Full History of Changes to its Name

The following is an exert from an upcoming blog I’m working on with some additional notes for context. It contains officially declassified information regarding the history of UFO surveillance. For the time being, I have posted this section of the text for anyone who wants to know a bit more about the history of the term Project Blue Beam, because is actually the expected name change to what the CIA claimed was a discontinuation of a project that apparently ended in 1969.

Project Blue Beam – The History

It originally starts as Project Saucer (the systematic study of UFO) which is set up in 1947, the same year as the Roswell Incident – and this is later changed to Project Sign in the same year.

When Roswell happened in 1947, the Roswell Army Air Field reported that a ‘flying saucer’ had been recovered. They later retracted the statement and said it was a ‘weather balloon’ – sound familiar? It seems clear that it was obviously more than that, since they set up a project to study UFO phenomenon that same year.

Project Sign then becomes Project Grudge in 1949

Project Sign then becomes Project Grudge. There is nothing to explain why this change happened, but considering it underwent 3 name changes in 2 years, we can only assume something significant was going on behind the scenes.

Project Grudge then issues its only formal report in August 1949. The report’s conclusion were:

“A. There is no evidence that objects reported upon are the result of an advanced scientific foreign development; and, therefore they constitute no direct threat to the national security. In view of this, it is recommended that the investigation and study of reports of unidentified flying objects be reduced in scope.

B. All evidence and analyses indicate that reports of unidentified flying objects are the result of:

  1. Misinterpretation of various conventional objects.
  2. A mild form of mass-hysteria and war nerves.
  3. Individuals who fabricate such reports to perpetrate a hoax or to seek publicity.
  4. Psychopathological persons.”

If this was the case, why was Project Grudge not discontinued with immediate effect? Still, it receives yet another name change and continues for many more years afterwards, as I will explain:

Project Grudge finally becomes Project Blue Book in 1952 (we can only assume that the ‘book’ refers to the book(s) containing all of the information regarding sightings and data.)

Project Blue Book then officially ends in 1969.

Now, I am unsure of why the project changed names so many times along the way, the last change is obvious but the 3 preceding it – not so obvious. But since it’s name changed a total of 3 times in 5 years, and then again 17 years later, this is obvious proof of two things: 1: the project was clearly being taken seriously and not being ‘reduced in scope’ as mentioned in the conclusions of Project Grudge. And 2, changes were being made to the project along the way, hence the multiple adaptations to it’s title.

So why after 5 name changes and 22 years of investigation, was it abruptly stopped? This seems unlikely. I can only assume that it underwent yet another name change and was continued. But to what and for how long?

Now, of course this next part is speculation, but most people believe that Project Blue Book is potentially replaced by Project Blue Beam which starts around 1969 – and this would make sense. And since it is the continuation of Project Blue Book (or part 5 in the series of the US Government UFO projects) it maintains the ‘blue’ but replaces the ‘book’ with the ‘beam’ of a hologram. And Project Blue Beam is born.

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